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NewSmileLife Reviews

Many people aren’t sure which type of dental care is best for them. The fact is that there are several different options, and each one can be perfect for your smile. However, before you make your choice, it’s essential to do a little research. You don’t want to make a decision based on anecdotal evidence alone. You need to check out all of the pros and cons of each option before you can decide.


The costs associated with getting a smile makeover vary widely depending on the level of care delivered. From gum disease treatments to teeth whitening, a cosmetic dental overhaul can run into tens of thousands of dollars or more in some cases. Thankfully, some companies, like NewSmile, will help patients achieve the perfect grin of their dreams, all at an affordable price.

A complete set of braces can cost thousands of dollars, while a similar set of aligners from a company like NewSmile will run you no more than half of that. For example, a complete set of braces will cost you, on average, $5,000, while a complete set of clear aligners will cost you well under $500.

On the other hand, the new smile all-day aligner plan will cost you no more than $77 a month for 18 months. A complete set of retainers, also included in the package, will run you under $149.

Refund fees and penalties

It is no secret that SmileDirectClub, which has sold millions of teeth aligners, has garnered a few consumer complaints over the years. They have been fined for a few shoddy claims and questionable tactics. However, they have managed to keep the bad press at bay by winning a recent court ruling that allows consumers to use arbitration agreements to resolve their disputes with the company.

On the other hand, the company is also facing a lawsuit filed by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine. Specifically, they have been accused of mislabeling their products, displaying a false level of success, and using an overly inflated sales price.

The company is also battling back, filing amicus briefs supporting state dental boards. The Federal Trade Commission is also weighing in. It is the agency’s first stance against an industry player in nearly 20 years.

Invisalign vs. NewSmile

Invisalign and NewSmile are two of the most popular clear aligner solutions. Both work to correct mild to moderate spacing and crowding of the teeth. Each is effective in different ways. However, both are less expensive than traditional braces.

One advantage of the new smile is that it requires no in-person appointments. It’s a remote treatment, but the company does have a team of orthodontists who can monitor your progress. They also make adjustments if necessary.

The average length of treatment with NewSmile is four to six months. That’s a little longer than the average for Invisalign. However, it’s still much quicker than the typical 12 to 24 months.

Another advantage is that NewSmile has lower prices. For example, their price range is 75% less than braces. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your results.

The average cost of an all-day NewSmile treatment is $1,595. That’s about half the price of the average Invisalign.

Customer service

NewSmileLife is a company that offers a subscription plan to smile at you. They also provide prepaid shipping labels for the Impressions Kits. However, I found some problems with the customer service team. They did not offer enough information about their shipping policy, making me uncomfortable. I wanted to find out whether or not you can send back your products.

The Impression Kits are not eligible for returns. They are not refundable but come with a 30-day return policy. In addition, there are no refunds on scanners and aligners. You may be able to pay for your subscription on an installment plan. This is a good option for some people.

On the other hand, I liked that there were limited hours of availability. Most companies have 24-hour phone service, but not NewSmileLife. They are open from 9 am to 11 pm. That’s a lot of time to answer a question, but it’s not ideal for someone who has just had surgery.