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New Jack City Play Tour Dates

New Jack City from 1991 has come alive on stage! Starring Allen Payne, Treach, Gary Dourdan, and Flex Alexander, this gripping story will have audiences on the edge of their seats!

Bring this timeless tale to the big screen now by purchasing tickets! Floor seats/front-row seats may even be available for an unforgettable viewing experience! Don’t wait; get yours now to experience an eventful viewing of “The Christmas Chronicles!”

1. New York City

New Jack City features an ensemble cast of some of today’s biggest stars and is an exquisite example of “New Black Realism,” the term coined by academic Manthia Diawara to describe an emerging wave of Black cinema. NEW JACK CITY captures the violence associated with drug wars, turf battles, and poverty-stricken urban communities with street-wise dialogue and hip-hop soundscapes that are both familiar and striking. Mario Van Peebles’ film Gangsta’s Town (1991) is widely recognized as being the precursor to the “gangsta” or “hood” film cycle that dominated Black cinema throughout much of the 1990s. NEW JACK CITY is a crime thriller and gangster film that documents Nino Brown, a Harlem drug dealer who transforms apartments into crack houses while amassing massive cash piles. Along the way, he makes enemies among both gangsters and police officials and sparks turf wars between himself and them.

The stage version, directed by award-winning playwright Je’Caryous Johnson and featuring Naughty By Nature frontman Treach as iconic Nino Brown as played by Allen Payne from House of Payne as well as Flex Alexander (One on One and All of Us TV show) and Big Daddy Kane from Naughty By Nature/Rhythm Nation Crew is presented by award-winning playwright Je’Caryous Johnson with style and an abundance of humor reminiscent of its namesake 1991 movie. New Jack City Live pays homage to its inspiration while paying tribute to the style and spirit of its namesake film predecessor with style! Taking its inspiration from its title from its 1991 cult film predecessor manner while paying homage to tone and mood in equal measures! Taking its inspiration from its nameafdebuted film counterpart with style, its stage version pays homage with type while paying homage in both class and content – paying homage in fashion while honoring its source with its name a nod towards its source material while paying homage to flair while paying homage while paying homage in style to its source material! Taking its inspiration from its 1991 original film version with style while paying a nod towards its source material while paying a nod from its source material in fun ways! New Jack City Live bears its name from its 1991 predecessor movie predecessor with style while paying its name from its source material while paying its predecessor movie counterpart in fashion while paying its namesake the original movie while paying its predecessor in terms of style as well as humor while paying its original film version that original with style while paying its due tribute with great enthusiasm! & humor while bearing its name from its 1991 movie counterpart that original with great respect & humor! Taking its inspiration and paying its tribute…

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2. Los Angeles

New Jack City Jam provides audiences with an unforgettable live experience from the 2023-2024 New Jack City tour, with its acclaimed combination of hip hop, dance, and live music. Fans and critics alike have given its show rave reviews – tickets for New Jack City Jam can be purchased through Vivid Seats, which offers various seating options, including floor seats and front-row tickets.

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New Jack City is being brought back to life as a live play for the first time, featuring its legendary heroin lord Nino Brown and his Cash Money Brothers in its entirety – with its soundtrack featuring all its iconic songs!

The New Jack City live tour will make stops in several major cities, including Los Angeles. Performances will take place at Hollywood Pantages Theatre in LA, Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, and Sarofim Hall at Houston Hobby Center – when in town, you can catch it Tuesday through Sunday evenings, as well as matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday.

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New Jack City seating capacities vary based on each venue on its tour, from smaller venues such as those on its inaugural run in 2014 (maximum capacity = 1,874) to larger venues like Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall at Kravis Center in West Palm Beach with capacities approaching 2,195. When purchasing tickets for New Jack City concerts or tours, consider both venue size and your desired proximity to the stage when making your decision.

3. Philadelphia

New Jack City, the record-breaking crime drama from producer Je’Caryous Johnson, will make its way onto stage soon. A touring production featuring Allen Payne, Flex Alexander, Treach, and Big Daddy Kane from the original film will hit cities nationwide from November 2022 until Spring 2023 with ticket prices depending on city/seat configuration – typically lower prices for weekday performances over weekends.

New Jack City chronicles the rise and fall of notorious Harlem drug lord Nino Brown, who takes control of Harlem, NY, with his dangerous cocaine operation. When police officers attempt to infiltrate his gang, they face unimaginable violence and brutality from within – which was met with instant success, with Wesley Snipes, Bill Cobbs, Ice-T, and Chris Rock all making appearances in this instant blockbuster hit movie.

It will be exciting to witness how the play adapts the film for stage performance and whether or not it can recapture the thrill and excitement that made the original film such a hit. Fans of the original will no doubt flock in large numbers for this production!

New Jack City live theatre will surely impress audiences, and experiencing it first-hand is the ideal way to do so. To ensure you get the best seats possible, purchase either a package deal or a VIP ticket; these options offer you guaranteed seating as well as meet-and-greet opportunities and additional perks.

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4. Houston

New Jack City, the play, is an adaption of Je’Caryous Johnson’s 1991 hit movie that captured audiences around the world. Set during an era where drugs are at an all-time high and featuring Wesley Snipes as an iconic crime lord alongside Ice T, Bill Cobbs, Allen Payne, and Chris Rock – New Jack City is sure to keep audiences engaged and on edge!

This musical will include all of the iconic songs from the original film and will delight fans of its source material. Je’Caryous Johnson is well known for adapting movies into stage plays with great success. Set It Off Live and BAPS Live are prime examples of earning praise and playing to packed houses; similarly, New Jack City promises no disappointments!

Allen Payne will reprise his role of Gee Money; Treach will play Nino’s best friend; Big Daddy Kane will portray Stone; and Flex Alexander will describe Pookie. Set during the height of the crack epidemic, this show may provide insights that are still relevant today.

Tickets to New Jack City can be purchased either online or by phone, and the prices depend on both city and seat arrangement (for instance, a premium orchestra seat is usually more costly than a balcony ticket). It is one of the most anticipated shows of 2023 and may quickly sell out.

VIP packages for this event are also available and include meet and greet passes, backstage passes, and other exclusive benefits. Package prices range between $375 and $2414. For more information, please see the FAQ page.