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Do you know why Mydates Review is the Impressive

Today we are going to provide you Mydates review, if you are a single person and wants to play in the field and get a date, then it is a very secure and fit platform for all single persons, it provides them with the safest and the verified members that are not a scam and have been verified by the dating site.

All these things are claimed by the app, but we will this that if this thing is true or not, what the users of this platform have said about this app. Mydates reviews are not reliable, many of them are fake and they are not real, othersthat are real are seen cursing and giving 1-star ratings to the app, even I have seen some people saying that this is a fraud.

In this app, you have to pay the app, if you want to start a chat with other members with whom you want to date.

I know, this isn’t so good, we will talk about it more.

All that glitters is not gold

Most people have a complaint about this that they have paid for the app and got the credits but they are still facing some difficulty or error in using the app, some are even saying that this app is fake and they want to give this app a negative rating.

Although this app has not good ratings, you might be giving it a try, most of the customers are not satisfied but on the other hand, there are also positive responses by some members that claim this app is real and they have dated using this app.

More about Mydates Reviews

This app is fake, as the reviews about this app are very bad, we can see that the Google playstore reviews are filled with disappointment, this seems to be a good app but in real life, it is worst.

Mydates reviews are very bad, people are complaining about the quality and features of the app, also they are complaining that they are not able to use that app, and the credits are not working, or either they are getting some error messages in the app or the web dating site.

Platforms available for Mydates Review

  • PC/Web
  • MAC
  • Android
  • iPhone

Features of Mydates Reviews

  1. Online dating site
  2. Has online site
  3. Mobile app available
  4. Good reviews
  5. A little spooky
  6. Can be used for casual dating

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Is MyDates a legit site?

No, according to Mydates Reviews, this is nota completely legit and ethical site which is not aimed at providing the legal relationship to the single people.

How do I delete the MyDates account?

Follow these steps to delete your Mydates account; if you want to delete your Mydates account, then you have to send an email to • Open your email, you used to create an account on Mydates site • Click on compose an email • In the recipient, type • In the subject write; REQUEST TO REMOVE MY INFORMATION AND CANCEL ACCOUNT, • Send the email, you will receive the email that your account has been canceled.

How do you get coins on MyDates?

To get the Mydates Coins, you need to use your balance, you can use any payment method like; • Paypal • Credit card • Debit card • Bank transfer

What is the MyDates app?

Mydates is an online dating site that is used by thousands of people in the world, mainly in the western region of the world, it provides a world-class dating service and we get the most compatible matches and get the best single people on this platform.

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