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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Are you struggling to handle your business needs? Do you need help with finances and customer support? Look no further. Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing is built to fit any budget. This cloud-based platform helps you take control of all of your business needs. Read more to learn about their pricing structure.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing Options

Whether you need a little assistance from the platform or want to use it for your whole business, you should be aware of the pricing structure. There are nine different initial options with the ability to add on to other apps.

You first want to decide the type of plan you want and the services you need. These can range from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Business Central, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Retail, Talent, and Marketing.

Staff Users

A large pricing factor is how many users will need access and at what level. This will weigh into the amount you’ll need to pay to use the many services.

For example, your staff can be labeled as full users, operations activity, or team members.

If you’re given full access, you are trusted to manage all parts of the system. Your abilities with the software have no limits. You have access to every part of the platform.

If you’re labeled as operations activity, you can move seamlessly through transactional tasks, especially in the retail application.

As a team member, you have light access but can complete required functions with specific security measures. Minor tasks are best suited for this role.

Additional Apps

You may be thinking that you need more apps for more specific functions. They have you covered there, and you can read more info here.

Specifically, you can add on Sales Insights, Customer Insights, Customer Service Insights, Microsoft Relationship Sales, Microsoft Social Engagement, and finally, Microsoft Power Platform.

Of course, for an additional cost, you can add many of these apps to the business plan you choose.

Pricing Breakdown

Microsoft features three plans. The first one is the Dynamics 365 Plan. This includes many of their most popular options, and as a full user, you’ll be paying $210 per user per month. The price drops to $50 per user per month for operations activity and $8 for just a team member.

Another plan is called the Unified Operations Plan. This contains apps like Finance and Operations, Retail, Talent, etc. As a full user, you’ll pay $190, $50 for operations activity, and $8 for team members.

Finally, if you’re focused more on engaging customers, your best option is the Customer Engagement plan. This full user service is $115 and $8 for team members.

Again, you’re going to be paying based on someone’s security level, how many users, and the programs you’ve chosen.

If you look into the AI intelligence apps, they range in price. Some as little as $50 per user per month to $1,500 per user per month.

Gain More Knowledge

If you already use Microsoft, you know a lot about their current products and how they work. It’s up to you to make the decision to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing structure or to dive deeper with a custom quote.

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