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Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Tap Room

Rustic cabin eatery offering creative pizzas & beer. Enjoy our patio, gift shop & live music. William & Kevin Carper were inspired by their love for Dead Head culture to open this hip restaurant in the Ouachita Mountains.

Grateful Head is an idyllic waypoint located a mere drive away from Tin Star & Co cabin rentals – making an unforgettable Hochatown escape!

The Dire Wolf

Long before their inclusion as Grateful Dead jam sessions and forest nights, dire wolves were associated with several distinct meanings for different people. For fans of the Grateful Dead, dire wolves conjured images of jam sessions reminiscent of past sessions while for paleontologists, they represented extinct predators that lived during the end of the last Ice Age and shared many characteristics with modern Canis canid species such as grey wolf, coyote, and others that eventually died out.

However, a study published in Nature is upending our perceptions of this extinct predator. By analyzing preserved dire wolf genes, scientists have discovered that they belong to their distinct lineage; not as the ancestors of African jackals or gray wolves but instead cousins to other wolves and dog-like predators.

This discovery has not only proven significant to zooarchaeologists and paleontologists but also for an iconic Hochatown pizza spot known as Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room – beloved among both zooarchaeologists and paleontologists, as well as residents – but is also beloved among residents themselves. Situated near Tin Star & Co’s Broken Bow cabin rentals near Tin Star Oven offer delicious pizza and beer, plus a patio, gift shop, and live music performances! With classic rock classic rock tunes playing nearby, you can relax over slices while sipping cool draft beer and listening to classic rock classic rock hits! With an extensive menu offering classic pizza to specialty pies or even vegan crust options suitable for everyone, the Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room offers something special!

The Tree Hugger

William and Kevin Carper left public service jobs to pursue their passion for delicious pizza, live music, and cold beer: all wrapped into an affectionate tribute to their favorite band, the Grateful Dead. As a result, The Grateful Head emerged – an eye-catching eatery and taproom located in an old schoolhouse near the Ouachita Mountains.

This menu offers something for everyone, with classic pizza options and specialty pies made with vegan crusts, along with an impressive list of tap selections from Beaver’s Bend Brewery and Choc Brewing Company as well as wings, fresh salads, and an assortment of desserts.

Grateful Head offers 48 different beers on tap, making it easy to find something to complement any pie you order. Plus, its relaxed yet family-friendly environment is great for weekend getaways with children or friends. Don’t forget its patio seating area and gift shop either!

Tin Star & Co offers unique cabin rentals from The Grateful Head that make for an exciting evening out with friends or family. Their rustic charm combines perfectly with the funky inspiration of this restaurant to provide an enjoyable dining experience.

The Psychedelic Supremo

Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Tap Room is an incredibly popular local destination. Serving delicious pizza, local craft beers on tap, and live music performances – it is sure to please! Whether staying in one of Broken Bow’s unique cabin rentals or passing through, be sure to stop in and treat yourself!

This instrumental rock band produces music that draws influence from classic rock, stoner rock, and blues genres. They possess an original sound that stands apart from their peers but still manage to deliver high levels of energy and emotion in each song they perform. They have even introduced elements of metal into their songs for added depth and complexity to their album.

Crowley Magick, El Supremo’s opening track, opens with bass guitar and drums creating a warped Psychedelic Rock vibe that allows El Supremo to blaze an amazing jam-based rock performance. At times it becomes fuzzier or even Sludge Rock; yet they keep their musical groove cool thanks to fantastic interplay between keyboards and guitars.

The second track, The Ghost Of… is an electric blues affair influenced by Post-Doom and Classic Stoner Rock that also incorporates keys. This track allows them to shine as an integral component. Next is Acid Universe which features slower yet darker passages with classic Doom Metal passages thrown in for good measure.

The Cheese Bread Styx

Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room offers an unforgettable dining experience to complete a stay in Tin Star & Co cabin rentals. This rustic cabin eatery boasts creative pizzas, 48 beers on tap, patio dining space, gift shop sales, live music performances and live music performances; just minutes away from Tin Star cabin rentals in Broken Bow Oklahoma! Visitors looking for a relaxed atmosphere that honors The Grateful Dead are sure to appreciate this vibrant destination.

William and Kevin Carper decided to leave public service jobs behind to pursue their passions for good food, great music, and cold beer. They chose an old schoolhouse in the Ouachita Mountains as the location for their new venture: they created a restaurant/taproom offering pizza as their signature dish, featuring on-tap beers from local breweries as well as outdoor live music venues in Broken Bow’s mild climate – branding it with hippie flair as they shared their love of pizza, beer, and music through it all! They called their establishment after The Grateful Dead while branding it with hippie aesthetics: pizza + beer + music = perfect harmony!

Today, The Grateful Head has become a family-friendly pizzeria offering something for all to enjoy. Their menu boasts classic pizzas as well as specialty pies such as Dirty Wolf PiesTM Tree Hugger PiesTM Psychedelic Supremo PiesTM as well as vegetarian offerings. Furthermore, customers can order from burger or sandwich menus or enjoy wings and fresh salad options!