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Intense Workout: How to Help Your Body Recover

Intense Workout: How to Help Your Body Recover

Did you realize that you’re meant to do 150-300 minutes of exercise each week?

However, groundbreaking new research shows that if you increase the intensity of your exercise, you need to do significantly less each week to remain healthy.

Many people opt for one or two intense workout sessions each week in place of daily exercise in moderation. While it’s good to stay active every day, there’s no need to have a slow burn in the gym every day.

However, recovering from an intense workout can be a drawn-out and painful experience! If you want to recover quicker, read on to find out how!

Try Stretching and Yoga

After a tough workout, stretching is vital. You’ve essentially created microtears in each muscle, and you need to loosen up after a workout to ensure full muscular recovery.

Try yoga for the ultimate relaxation; if that’s not your thing, at least buy a foam roller and experience relief with that.

Indulge In An Epsom Salt Bath

Who doesn’t love a soak in the bath after a sweaty workout? It’s an excellent way to ease painful muscles after exercise. For an added kick, add Epsom salts.

Epsom salts are packed full of magnesium which helps with muscle recovery.

If you’re not a bath type of person, just heat water in a tub and soak your feet and lower legs – even this will benefit your entire body.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Diet is one of the staples of post-workout aftercare. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, protein is your best friend. Satiating and muscle building, it’s the perfect macro for any gym-goer.

Although, if you’ve been doing intense cardio, don’t forget to add a healthy portion of carbohydrates to each meal too.

If you suffer from muscle cramps after workouts, some foods can help alleviate or reduce them. These foods can all help you feel better after a tough workout.

Let Yourself Rest

Finally, give yourself a rest! There’s no need to do a strenuous workout every day. A few times a week is plenty. Of course, if you’re doing top-level athletic training, listen to your coach. Otherwise, just don’t overdo it.

Your muscles need a few days to recover from workouts. Over-exercising will only result in a drop in performance and increased fatigue.

Don’t feel guilty on your days off; spend time connecting with friends and family, and eating some of your favorite gym-goer foods.

Recovering From an Intense Workout Made Simple

Next time you embark on an intense workout, make sure you implement that correct aftercare. Looking after yourself post-workout is just as important as getting exercise in the first place.

By following these tips, you’ll be healthy and feeling great – no more achy legs on a Monday morning at work; you’ll be feeling productive and raring to go.

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