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Instagram Story Ideas When the Creative Juices Run Dry

Instagram Story Ideas When the Creative Juices Run Dry

Have you found yourself running dry on ideas for Instagram Stories?

Exploring new and exciting ways to tell your business stories on Instagram is always a great idea. It allows you to communicate your company’s story engagingly.

However, developing an idea that fits your branding and appeals to your audience can be challenging.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered with new Instagram story ideas that everyone will adore.

Keep reading to learn more about creating your own interesting Instagram stories.

Make a Poll Creatively

Try to make a poll and let your followers vote on something. It is a great way to get your followers involved and engaged with your content.

For example, you could ask your followers which of your products they like best or which city they would like to see you travel to next.

To make a poll, create a graphic with two or more options and include a question. Then, post it to your story and encourage your followers to vote. You can even offer a prize to the person with the winning vote.

You can stay in tune with Michael McDevitt for more tricks on leveraging Instagram stories for your business or personal content.

Use Video to Answer Questions

Begin by asking your followers to submit questions you can answer in a short video. It is an effective way to build trust and rapport with your followers.

Engage with your followers and give them a peek into your life and career. If you have a product you think is helpful to your followers, make a video about it.

You can either do a short Q&A-style video or a longer tutorial-style video. Then, post the video to your story, and tag the person who submitted the question.

Create a Countdown for an Important Event

Create a countdown to an important event, such as an upcoming product launch, a holiday, or a special sale.

It is a great way to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around your brand and keep your Instagram Stories new and exciting.

Additionally, use creative visuals and fun fonts to make your countdown stand out, and don’t forget to update your followers on your progress!

Go Live on Instagram Stories

Going Live on Instagram stories is the most effective approach for increasing traffic and engagement. It will send notifications to your followers who are already online.

Try using Instagram’s various features to spice things up. Go live, use filters, add stickers, and explore the many other features Instagram has to offer.

Take advantage of the chance to get attention and showcase your brand, and you can get a lot of questions and comments.

Use Fun Graphics or Emoji Stickers

Engage by using fun graphics or emoji stickers in your stories—anything from polls or quizzes to simple artwork or even just a funny meme.

Another great way to stand out is by using creative filters and editing tools to make your stories look different from others. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to be creative until you find a style representing you and your brand.

Never Run Out of Instagram Story Ideas

Never let your creative juices run dry. Take a look at your surroundings and find inspiration in the everyday.

From using apps to coming up with good Instagram story ideas, there are plenty of ways to keep your stories fresh and exciting. So get out there and start sharing your story!

Check out some of our other blogs so we can provide you with tips to help you get the most out of your Instagram use.

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