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I Thought It Was a Common Possession – Chapter 1

The Characters

I Thought It Was a Common Possession is an engaging manga that explores the concept that not all villains are intrinsically evil. Suna Choi plays the protagonist and assumes the identity of Edith Rigelhof, one of her favorite novel villains – although, unlike Edith in her storybook life, Suna strives to be a good person.

The last chapter saw Edith being bullied by Sophia, an ambitious maid with ulterior motives. Fans will witness more bullying and intrigue between Edith and Sophia in future chapters.

I Thought It’s a Common Property is captivating readers with every new chapter released, and many anticipate knowing what will transpire next – from significant battles to unexpected partnerships and much more! As its release date approaches, people eagerly anticipate what awaits us next! Anticipations range from major fights to strange collaborations among spoiler predictions.

The Setting

Kilian is jealous of Linan and Edith Rigelhof’s relationship, fearing Edith may leave him for Linan. When Edith responds differently than expected to Kilian’s inquiry about whether she still likes him, Kilian becomes even more suspicious about Linan’s intentions. I Thought It Was Common Possession can be found online via Naver, where you can read its entirety or stay current on its newest chapters.

The Plot

I Thought It Was a Common Possession is an excellent book with a brilliant plot that keeps readers hooked. Edith encounters someone from her past who burned her during another life, only for things to become even more complicated when Killeon reappears in Edith’s life again and causes more complications for their marriage. With each new chapter, the plot strengthens, drawing readers in. Their fate always remains uncertain, and they anticipate seeing what is next!

The Ending

Edith finds comfort from her Duchess as she adjusts to life outside the office, telling her not to steal papers from Kilian and acknowledging she’s having difficulty. With their support, Edith builds enough courage to confront Kilian about Linan and her feelings towards him.

Read this manga online for free on Niadd, Naver Webtoons, and Manga Genres. I Thought It Was Common Possession is an engaging romance story full of twists and turns that will keep you engaged from start to finish! Don’t miss it if you enjoy romance stories with plenty of drama – read I Thought It Was Common Possession now!