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How to Write the Perfect Marketing Email

How to Write the Perfect Marketing Email

According to HubSpot, email generates $42 for every $1 that companies spend. So if your company has been neglecting its email newsletters, you’ve more than likely be leaving a lot of money on the table up until now.

But even as your bosses have gotten together and put you in charge of the company’s email advertising, you’ve got a serious problem:

You’re not sure how to write an email ad that gets results.

Want to learn how to write the perfect marketing email with help of uscompanydata? Read on to see our best email writing tips.

1. Write With the End in Mind

The golden rule of copywriting is to understand the purpose of your communications. In many companies, however, the corporate email marketing strategy often has a fatal flaw:

The writer is fuzzy on the end goal.

Are you writing to sell your newest product? Are you helping people get more use out of the item they’ve just bought?

If someone has a reputation for calling to talk about nothing, nobody is ever surprised when that person’s calls start getting screened. Don’t be the professional equivalent of the person who’s always calling for no reason.

Know what you’re going to ask for before you sit down and write your email.

2. Figure Out What Your Customers Want

The superficial answer to the question, “What are your customers looking for?” is “The product we’re selling.”. But if you want to hit your marketing email out of the park, you’ll want to peel back the onion layer until you can find out what people are really looking to buy from you.

Maybe your customer wants a software solution that will save time and money while making them look good to their bosses. Perhaps your customer needs a new set of office clothes that makes them look fashionable and professional.

Once you’ve identified these next-level benefits, you’ll want to help your customers understand how your product or service will help them get what they’re looking for. As it turns out, “Give the people what they want” isn’t just a catchy song title — it’s a solid piece of email marketing advice.

3. Double-Check Your Tech

You could write the greatest marketing email ad ever. If the end product looks like spam, however, you’ll have a hard time reaching people’s inboxes.

Sure, your superstar devs could MacGyver an email marketing solution in-house. But in most cases, you’ll likely be better off going with one of the commonly accepted top five email list companies. Because these software solutions often make it possible for you to segment your audience, track your statistics, and refine your process, there’s an added element of functionality that makes it easier to review your performance and boost your conversion rates with the right provider.

Want to Know How to Write the Perfect Marketing Email? Follow the Formula

For many people, learning how to write the perfect marketing email can be tricky. It’s not enough to write a subject line that says, “Hey, you’ve got to click on me!”. You need to craft an ad that keeps people reading — and clicking — to the end.

Fortunately, writing high-performance email ads isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is know your end goal, know your benefits, and create a working tech setup.

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