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How to Have a Vacation on a Budget

How to Have a Vacation on a Budget

In the U.S, the average cost of a one-week vacation is around $1,558, which isn’t financially feasible for everyone.

Planning a getaway on a tight budget can feel daunting and impossible. Luckily, when you’re prepared, you’ll save a fortune while enjoying the vacation of your dreams. Maybe that’s what brought you to this post; you’re searching for ways to save on your next trip.

Sounds familiar? No worries; we’ve got your back. Here’s how to plan a vacation on a budget.

Think About Your Budget Before Choosing a Destination

The key to planning a cheap vacation is outlining your budget before the planning begins. You’ll spend the most on your accommodation, flights, and meals, so figure out where you can save. For instance, consider going on vacation during the off-season when hotels and airline tickets are far less expensive.

Search for Cheap Flights

If you’re determined to save money, spend time searching for flight deals. Use sites like Google Flights or Kayak as they will send price alerts for your desired destination. Also, activate “Incognito” mode; otherwise, you may be shown more expensive flights instead.

Tour Your City

You needn’t travel far for a fantastic vacation. In fact, if you’re eager for a cheap holiday, be a tourist in your city. Check out a new exhibition at the local gallery or visit an upcoming event like a food festival for an exciting experience.

Go Camping

Anyone struggling with their holiday budget should take the family camping. You can either rent out an RV to explore your state or load the car with your outdoor gear and hit the road. You’ll be surprised at how many incredible national parks the U.S is home to or, if that’s too far away, find a local spot to pitch your tent.

Stay With Loved Ones

If you can’t rent a timeshare, ask your overseas friend whether you can stay with them for several days. Aside from catching up with your favorite person, you needn’t worry about paying for accommodation while you’re there. But make sure you re-pay them with a bottle of wine or treat them to a fancy meal.

Cook When You’re Away

Sure, enjoying the local cuisine is a great way to experience the culture, but it can eat up your funds.

Instead, strike the perfect balance by cooking at your accommodation while treating yourself to a meal at a nearby restaurant. For instance, buy breakfast and lunch from the supermarket and only eat out in the evenings. Also, do the same for booze as evening cocktails can quickly add up.

Enjoy Your Vacation on a Budget

Now, you can plan a vacation on a budget.

There are many ways to enjoy a getaway cheaply, such as staying with a friend and searching for cheap flights. You could also become a tourist in your own city or, if you’re going abroad, enjoy homecooked meals. Good luck!

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