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How to Give Your Daughter the Boost of Confidence She Needs

How to Give Your Daughter the Boost of Confidence She Needs

The gap in lifetime earnings between men and women across the globe is approximately $172 trillion. Gender inequality is a prevalent problem in our patriarchal societies.

Did you know giving your daughter a boost of confidence can help her succeed and fight inequalities in her life? This guide will teach you how to do just that.

Embrace Her Personality

One of the best things you can do to give your daughter a boost of confidence is to embrace her personality. Allow her to be who she is and enjoy what she enjoys instead of what anyone else thinks she should.

Giving a child unconditional love and acceptance gives them a sense of security and comfort in who they are.

Avoid Appearance-Focused Praise

Women have historically been praised primarily for their appearance, which is harmful to the development of young girls. While society continues making efforts to overcome this behavior, it’s a learning opportunity for young girls.

If you’re looking for methods you can use for, ‘improving my daughter’s confidence,’ don’t praise her for how she looks. Praise her thought process or her abilities instead of her genetics.

Help Her Feel Heard

Helping them feel heard is a powerful tool in learning how to boost a child’s confidence. Encourage your daughter’s ability to speak her mind. Explain that it’s important for her to form her own opinions and not hide them.

Let Her Solve Her Problems

If you want to raise confidence in your daughter, allow her to solve her problems herself. It’s ok, and encouraged, that you support her through the process, but don’t try to fix things for her.

See if you can guide her to her own decisions and solutions if she asks for your help or advice. Even if she’s in over her head, let her ask for help. Otherwise, you risk teaching her that she can’t depend on herself.

Emphasize Effort Over Results

Did you know failures can help with boosting confidence in children? Try teaching your daughter that the effort matters more than the results. Show her it’s ok to fail as long as she’s proud of the choices she made.

Discuss Popular Culture

Popular culture can teach children harmful habits and ideals. These ideals seem obviously problematic to adults, but not always to children. When controversial pop culture topics come up, try talking with her about them.

Emphasize Her Comfort

Many women are raised to be people-pleasers. They are taught to put the needs and comfort of others over their own. Give your daughter a boost of confidence by teaching her that her comfort comes first.

Support Her Interests

Let your daughter try new things and support her interests. For example, if she wants to try new hobbies like urban dance, you can get more information for her at

Be a Role Model

Your daughter will find it easier to accept herself if you accept yourself. Be a role model with things like body positivity, supporting other women, and practicing healthy habits. You’re the best role model for your daughter.

Give Your Daughter a Boost of Confidence

Start giving your daughter a boost of confidence by using this guide. Teach her to value her thoughts, her opinions, her skills, and herself. Better yet, show her how to value these things by valuing them for yourself.

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