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How to Find the Best Online Prescription Services

How to Find the Best Online Prescription Services

Are you getting tired of waiting in those extra long lines to get your monthly prescriptions? Does the trip to your local pharmacy take too much time and effort? Then it’s time for you to switch to online prescription services!

Online prescription services allow you to refill your monthly prescription from home. However, buying online can be risky, with some sites selling fake or counterfeit medicines. Luckily, we’ve made this useful guide on how you can avoid falling victim to this.

Are you looking for the best online prescription services? When buying medicine online, you have to be extra careful. Check out this helpful guide and learn how to get your medicine without falling victim to a scam.

Is Licensed to Sell Medicine

All pharmacies, including online prescription services, should have a license in Canada. They must have accreditation from the Ontario College of Pharmacists and have registration.

We recommend buying medicine from accredited pharmacies and not random online sellers.

Have Licensed Pharmacists

Your online prescription services should have licensed pharmacists. Ensure that they are a licensed pharmacist in Canada, with a confirmation from the Pharmacy Regulatory Authority. The PRA is the only pharmacy license authority.

These licensed pharmacists should also be available for online consultations and customer support. This is important as only licensed pharmacists can issue prescription medication. Pharmacists can give you free consultations and e-prescriptions for you to buy medicine.

Looking for a website that offers 24/7 online consultation by a licensed pharmacist? We’ve got you! Find more on

Easy-to-Use Platform

When it comes to buying prescriptions online, the platform can be a maze. The best online prescription services should have an easy-to-navigate app or website. The website should be straightforward and have full descriptions of the medicines.

Great Customer Support Service

Always check customer reviews online before buying from an online prescription service. They should have a Contact Us page that lists their contact information such as phone number and email. They should also have licensed pharmacists ready to answer any questions you have.

Automatic Prescription Refills

If you always forget when you’re about to run out of prescription medicine, buying online can be a big help. Some online prescription services offer automatic prescription refills that will send your prescriptions. This is perfect if you have several maintenance prescriptions medicines that you take.

Offers Discounted Medications

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Most websites offer great deals and discounts on their products. Online prescription services are no different.

Most prescription medicine offer discounts if you buy in bulk. Some also offer membership programs that give you discounts. Always check if the website has any discount promotions or if they offer rewards for members.

Accepts Your Insurance

Prescription refills can be expensive; that’s why you should check for insurance. Insurance coverage can help lessen or cover your prescription medicines. You may opt to pick it up at a nearby partner pharmacy so you can gain an insurance discount.

You should check if your prescription medicine is under your insurance. You can contact your insurance company or agent for a list of medications they cover. You can also send an email to that prescription service and ask if they accept insurance policies.

Delivered Right At Your Doorstep

Before buying from an online prescription service, check if they deliver to your area. Some offer deliveries nationwide and door-to-door. Some might need you to pick up your prescription at a physical store.

Always check what delivery carriers they have, if delivery is available in your area, and how long it will take. When it comes to delivery, here are some things you might want to consider:

Free Delivery

Some online prescription services offer free delivery regardless of price. Some offer free delivery when you reach a certain amount. Before purchasing, make sure you check for delivery prices.

Easy Tracking

After your buy, they should send you a tracking number for you to track your package. Most delivery carriers only offer up to two delivery attempts before they ship back. Monitoring the delivery date is important to make sure you’re there to receive it.

Buying from an online prescription service doesn’t end with you buying from them. The best online prescription services will also have great deliveries. Save yourself from a headache by checking how efficient the delivery is.

How to Check if Medicine is Real

Most drug companies will have useful guides on their websites to help combat fakes. A good first step is checking for the medicine’s seal. Bottled medicines usually come in safety seals that should not have any damage.

If the security seal has any damage or signs of tampering, it’s a sign that the medicine is fake or unsafe. Many people refill old bottles with counterfeit medicine to pass them off as legitimate. If you notice any damage or tampering with the security seal, throw it away and don’t consume it.

If the security seal is still secure and undamaged, you must check the packaging. A common sign of fake medicine is packaging quality. Counterfeit medicine will have packaging with a different design than the original.

Some common design changes are differences in logo and text size. Check if there are any errors in spelling, or if the expiration date is missing or removed. Review the packaging and do a visual inspection of the medicine.

If a deal is too good to be true, then chances are that it is. If the price sold online is way lower than that of retail, you should start questioning it. Most medicine prices are the same or even regulated by the government, so the price should be the same.

Get the Best Online Prescription Services Today

The days of having to wait in long lines in your pharmacy to get your prescription refill are gone! Now that you know how to find the best online prescription, you are sure to get your refills with less hassle.

You can now order online from your home’s safety. Still don’t know how to get a prescription online? Check out our other blog posts to learn more about ordering from online prescription services.

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