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How to Find a Good Uber Accident Law Firm: A Guide

How to Find a Good Uber Accident Law Firm: A Guide

Modern conveniences always come with a price. It’s not a reason to be afraid, but you should always be aware and willing to adapt to the circumstances.

A study attributes the 2% to 3% rise in fatal crashes in a 5-year stretch to the rise in Uber and other rideshare services. Non-fatal accidents can lead to all sorts of injuries and damages that you might not be able to pay for out of pocket.

Rideshare accidents are an entire area of personal injury law today. The tips below will help you find the right Uber accident law firm available to help you.

Gather the Facts of Your Uber Accident

Before anything else, you need to learn and assess the details of your Uber accident. Find the ride log in the app, and jot down some pertinent details, such as:

  • The way the accident played out and how the other vehicle hit the one you were traveling in
  • Find out the rate of speed and direction of travel
  • Get medical attention after the accident
  • Give a statement after the accident
  • Acquire the official accident report

There are a lot of legal circumstances at play in an Uber accident case. Your driver will likely be filing a claim both with the rideshare service’s insurance and the insurance of the other driver.

Get the Contact Information of Your Driver and Witnesses

Your Uber driver is an important ally in proving your injuries and recovering damages. There’s no chance of you being at fault for the accident since you were just a passenger. You and your driver must work together to prove the other driver was at fault.

After the rideshare accident, speak to any witnesses at the scene. They’ll help to back you and your Uber driver’s narrative of events so that you can hold the other party accountable. Your lawyer might call upon these witnesses to give statements during a deposition. The deposition testimony could lead toward a settlement or follow-up testimony in a court trial.

Search for an Uber Accident Law Firm

Spread your net wide to find the right Uber lawyer for your case. These are typically personal injury lawyers that happen to specialize in rideshare accident cases.

Ask the lawyer where they received their degree to practice law, and what drew them to personal injury and Uber accident cases. This is a fairly new area of legal focus, so the law firm that you choose should be up-to-date with the times and technology.

Each state has its different set of laws both for rideshare accidents, and the law governing the independent contractor arrangement that drivers work under. A quality lawyer will find the most reasonable party to hold legally responsible and outline a plan for recouping your damages.

Here are some points you should address during your legal consultation:

  • Find out their success rate in pursuing rideshare cases
  • Learn how long they’ve been legally licensed
  • Go through the narrative of the accident to get their professional opinion on strategy
  • Get their opinion on the likely outcome
  • Ask if the lawyer has examples of cases similar to yours that they have handled

Leave no stone unturned when seeking the best lawyer. Rideshare accidents can seem like a web of tangled legalise to the untrained eye, but the right lawyer will unpack each detail to get you the quickest and most reasonable settlement possible.

Check out Empire accident attorneys for an example of how pros can work in your favor.

Find Out How Much They Charge

You have to get clarity on the price of your legal services before signing any agreement. Since this is a personal injury case, it’s a matter of percentage, rather than hourly fees.

Ask the Uber law firm about their contingency fee during the consultation. Make sure that their price is on par with what competitors are charging. Compare the percentage with the dollar amount that the law firm thinks that you’re entitled to, and you will understand the true cost of hiring an Uber lawyer.

Make sure that these quotes are written, and ask for an estimated timetable the lawyer thinks it will take to conclude your case.

Seek the Best Advice

Compare the advice that you’re getting from different law firms. Some firms might suggest you pursue a trial, while others may prefer to settle. A settlement is the most likely, since this is how most personal injury cases are concluded.

Speak to a few different attorneys at the law firm to get a sense for their professionalism and ability to win your case. Do your research and leave some room for your gut feelings when deciding on a lawyer.

Ask for Recommendations From Others

Reach out to other people in your life that you know have been involved in Uber accident cases. They’ll be able to walk you through how it played out for them, and can give you recommendations on the lawyer they hired.

Include personal references on your lawyer consultation list to help you with your decision.

Understand the Process

Finally, thoroughly read the agreement that you’re signing with an Uber accident law firm. You might even choose to get another lawyer to read over the contract.

Understand the terms and obligations you’re signing up for so that you can comfortably transition into your healing process. Stay up-to-date with your physician visits, and stick to a physical therapy regimen that can help your recovery.

Handle Your Legal Matters

These tips will help you find an Uber accident law firm that can steer you toward the best outcomes. With medical bills and other damages on the line, it’s only right that you put this attention to detail into finding the right lawyer.

Begin with the suggestions in this article and check out our other articles the next time you need the help of a quality law firm.

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