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How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer: Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer: Everything You Need to Know

If you drive trucks for a living, no one needs to tell you about the risks involved with the job. Accidents are always a possibility – especially when you navigate several highways, several times per year.

Large trucks were involved in 475,000 reported vehicle accidents in a recent year. Because truck accidents are so common, you should be prepared to protect your legal rights anytime you get behind the wheel.

That starts with finding a good attorney. Read on to learn about how to choose a truck accident lawyer that can get the job done.

Consider How the Truck Accident Played Out

You need an accurate narrative to build a case. Before browsing options for lawyers, record everything you can from the wreck.

Take several photos and videos of the wreck, your truck’s damage, and the other vehicle’s damage. Capture shots from as many directions and angles as you can to add perspective. Jot down the last speed you remember traveling, or an estimate.

Record the direction you were traveling, on what street, and name the intersection where the accident took place.

You’ll need to prove that the other driver hit you and caused the damage. Do your best to have all the details in order, and get a copy of the accident report as soon as it’s available.

Learn the Laws of the State

Truck accident cases are civil litigation handled at the state level. Each state has its own laws and practices for handling truck accident cases.

You’re going to file your case in the state where the accident occurred. Find out which county or city courthouse will hear the case, and familiarize yourself with the state code for truck accidents.

The state that you’re in might consider contributory negligence in its truck accident cases. The lawyer that you hire should have truck accident case experience and an eye for these sorts of legal details.

Explore Your Options for Lawyers

With fresh evidence and perspective in your back pocket, you’re ready to seriously explore consultations with truck accident lawyers. The State Bar Association (SBA) and a local university law school’s resources can provide good leads.

Learn where the lawyers received their law degrees, how many years they’ve been licensed, and whether they’ve received excellence awards or other forms of recognition.

Book consultations and go over all of the details of the accident. The lawyers will share their professional opinions of your case, along with an explanation of the strategies they would use.

Make sure to ask the attorney:

  • How many cases they’ve won, lost, and settled
  • Whether they’ve tried a case similar to yours
  • If they’d suggest a trial or settling
  • Whether one or multiple lawyers will handle the case
  • If they specialize in any particular type of case

During the consultation, assess their personality and whether you feel rushed or that your time is valued. All these things matter since you have a lot at stake following a wreck.

Read Their Reviews

The attorneys’ reviews will tell you plenty about their firm. Since two-thirds of people check online reviews before hiring a lawyer, you’re in good company.

Check their Google my business and Yelp in addition to sites that specifically rate lawyers.

Carefully read what past clients are saying about the firm and whether they were satisfied with the end results. Pay attention to how the firm responds to any negative reviews.

Start Comparing Lawyer Fees

When you speak to truck accident lawyers, make sure to get written quotes for their legal services. After a few consultations, you can start comparing lawyer fees to see which makes the most sense.

The lawyer should give an estimated value of your case, along with the percentage they will keep for their services. See which option gives you the most value and the better shot at recovering damages.

Figure Out the Damages

When talking to your lawyer, the main thing you should come away with is an understanding of your damages.

The attorney will suggest you file an insurance claim, along with getting the vehicle inspected by an adjuster. This assessment lets you know the value of your truck on today’s market and how much you should seek in your legal case.

Other damages might include:

  • Medical damages for hospital stays, surgeries, and X-rays
  • Pain and suffering related damages due to emotional trauma or Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Recovery of income that you’re going to miss

A single truck accident case can have several damages attached. Get your attorney’s perspective and compare the advice that you receive from different firms.

Choose the strategy that gets you the fairest payout. If you’re organized with your approach and clear about the damages you’re seeking, most drivers will try to settle with you out of court.

A settlement cuts out the lengthy trial process and you get paid earlier.

Your lawyer might suggest taking it to court if the case is worth more, or they think the other party is underselling your damages. Take the time to learn more here about legal strategies that can make a difference in your case.

Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

These tips will help you out when you’d like to choose a truck accident lawyer that can take your case. The situation requires you to be all-in, so give yourself some time to build your legal team.

Rely on us when you’d like to learn more about legal services and career advice.

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