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How to Become an Event Planner: A Quick Guide

How to Become an Event Planner: A Quick Guide

Did you know that a typical person holds around 12 jobs in their lifetime? In other words, if you’ve been hankering for a new career path, you’re not alone. And if you’re organized and collaborative, event planning might be the right move for you.

Read on to learn how to get started with an event planning career!

Build Your Experience

Before you can build your own event planning business, you should learn from industry experts. Get a job at a banquet facility or event center so you can learn about customer service and aspects of the process. Or work with trade show planners to learn the ropes on a bigger scale.

And consider taking part-time jobs at hotels or in other customer-facing industries. Take notes on how your coworkers map out planning schedules and communicate with vendors. One day, you’ll be able to apply these skills to your own event planning career!

Gain the Right Technical Skills

How adept are you at using software? To pursue a career path in event planning, you need to be comfortable using customer relationship management software. Similarly, you may need to use project management software when you start taking on multiple projects.

While you’re at it, learn how to create attractive graphics using free editing programs online. With even basic skills, you can assemble coupons, announcements, and other graphics. Include them in email blasts or online profiles on social media.

Determine Your Event Planning Niche

Are you looking to take on wedding planning in your city? Or do you want to plan corporate parties? Think about which event planning ideas get you most excited before you hone in on a niche.

Avoid stretching yourself too thin by trying to be a master of every event. Instead, find a focus area or two. That way, you can develop branding and portfolios around your niche. And take some time to research event planners in your area so you don’t choose a saturated market.

Market Your Skills

To earn clients, you need a solid brand and logo. That’s where a user-friendly and attractive website can be one of your biggest assets. This is where you can share your background, contact information, and portfolio.

Document your best table settings, wedding decorations, or party favors. Learn how to take better photos or hire out the responsibility. Include these images in an online portfolio so potential clients can see your style and adaptability.

And commit to creating a brand presence on at least two social media platforms. Post images, links to relevant articles, and previews of projects underway. Commit to posting each day, and consider using social media ads to garner attention.

Pursue Event Planning Jobs

Event planning can be a rewarding career path when you take the right steps. Gain experience by shadowing, interning, or working in entry-level event planning jobs. And figure out your area of focus so you can start marketing and earn some clients.

To find more tips to change jobs, check back soon for new articles.

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