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How to Apply International Driving License

An international driving permit (IDP) provides peace of mind with travel documents that enable drivers to drive legally in foreign countries. The IDP features your name, photo, and driver’s license information in multiple languages. The actual Interesting Info about führerschein kaufen.

Only one organization in the US provides IDPs, and to be eligible, they require a valid driver’s license, two passport photos, and an application fee of $20.


If you plan on driving abroad, an international driving permit (IDP) could come in handy. These IDPs translate your domestic license into different languages for police authorities to review, as well as more car rental companies who won’t accept drivers without one of the English languages on their license. In order to receive one, specific criteria must be fulfilled, such as having an active home license and meeting age requirements.

Apply for an International Driver Permit by visiting any AAA branch in the US. The process is quick and straightforward – bring in your passport photo, a copy of your driver’s license, and a $20 permit fee (you may also submit this online). Afterward, once offered, you can either collect it at the AAA office or wait for it to arrive by mail.

An international driving permit will enable you to drive in most countries, although it should not replace your domestic license; both should always be carried alongside each other when going abroad.

Applying for an IDP requires meeting specific criteria: the applicant must be either a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and at least 18 years old. They also need a valid domestic driver’s license that will not expire during the period their IDP will be valid, along with meeting any age and health restrictions imposed by their home state.

In the US, only one organization issues IDPs: the Automobile Association of America. You can apply for an IDP either by visiting one of their offices or their website, and it will serve as a translation of your domestic license into something you can use abroad, but always check driving regulations prior to applying.


An international driving permit (IDP) is an invaluable way to navigate foreign countries legally. By skipping the lengthy process of obtaining local licenses and fines when pulled over by local authorities, having one will save time and money while making your trip much less stressful and pleasant overall. Whether your plans include visiting France’s countryside or Italy’s coastal roads, having an IDP can make your experience far more enjoyable and relaxing!

The process of obtaining an IDP varies between countries and is overseen by the UN Convention on Road Safety, of which approximately 180 countries have signed. Some may require you to have one before driving on their roads, while others will accept your IDP alongside your national license. Before applying, always contact each embassy or consulate of each country you intend on visiting prior to making your application.

In the US, you can apply for an IDP through any AAA office. It is advised to call ahead and see if an appointment is required, as well as to have a valid driver’s license that remains valid at least six months after the IDP issue date. Alternatively, your application and supporting documentation can also be sent in via mail.

If applying via mail, be sure to include a completed application, two passport-style photographs and payment of $20 permit fee by check or money order. Only the American Automobile Association is legally permitted to issue IDPs; any other source could be an attempt at fraud.

Elsewhere Travel Agency in New York can also help you obtain an IDP. They’re licensed by the State and employ certified local experts who create personalized trips with unforgettable memories. Plus, they can assist with visa applications – which is also highly advised before applying for an IDP! It is wise to research the driving laws of your destination country prior to making this application for an IDP.


International driving permits may cost anywhere between $30 and $60 depending on your country and issuing authority; typically, though, they’ll last one year from their date of issue and come complete with two passport-style photos for identification purposes as well as completion of an official form. Before applying for one, though, make sure you thoroughly research the driving requirements and laws of each country you plan to visit, as ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking them!

An IDP (International Driving Permit) is an agreement between you and the issuing authority that will convert your state driver’s license into a format recognized in over 175 countries. While this document cannot replace your valid state license when driving abroad, some states require certain age or experience requirements in order to be issued one.

An IDP can be obtained at an AAA branch or other authorized organization in person or through mail submission; bring along your driver’s license, two passport-sized photos, and the completed IDP application if applying in person. The fee is $20, payable either with cash, personal check, or money order.

International driving permits (IDPs) provide many advantages if you plan on traveling abroad. An IDP may help prevent fines for traffic violations and give peace of mind that driving safely abroad will be possible. They’re also great to have as tourists or if your State doesn’t recognize foreign driver licenses.

Applying for an international driving permit (IDP) can be straightforward. Either you complete the form online or at a AAA office locally; in-person applications may result in receiving your IDP on the same day, though if you aren’t a member of either AAA or AATA, there may be additional courier costs involved.

Time frame

If you plan to drive abroad, an international driving permit (IDP) can be invaluable. This document allows legal driving in other nations and is recognized by most countries – it’s worth investing the $20 it costs to secure one!

The process for obtaining an IDP may differ depending on the country you are traveling to; generally speaking, two passport photos, a copy of your US driver’s license, and an application form will all be needed to secure one. Furthermore, certain countries require IDPs that have been endorsed for use with their national driving license if traveling there; to make this easier on yourself, be sure to mark that box on your application form when filling it out!

An IDP is valid for one year from its issuance, so you should apply as early as possible. Some countries also impose specific time frames during which IDPs become invalid, so make sure you research your destination country to understand which requirements must be fulfilled before traveling there.

United States-based organizations authorized to issue IDPs include the American Automobile Association (AAA) and American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA). When applying for one of these documents, be mindful of any state requirements set forth. The AATA website offers helpful guides that outline these guidelines.

After submitting your application and supporting documents to the AATA, receiving your IDP by mail should take less than one week. Alternatively, it can also be collected at the AAA branch; however, this method could take longer.

Before traveling abroad, make sure that your US driver’s license is still valid; most authorities won’t recognize temporary or expired licenses. Furthermore, have a clean driving record so as to prevent issues when applying for an IDP and any potential accidents that occur.

Acquiring an International Driving Permit (IDP) shouldn’t be difficult, but planning is essential. Applications for IDPs can be made up to six months prior to travel dates – giving yourself plenty of time for approval before traveling dates arrive. Keep in mind that IDPs only last for one year outside the US without providing special privileges; for stays exceeding a year, you’ll require local driver’s licenses as well.

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