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How Often Should You Cut Grass in the Summer?

How Often Should You Cut Grass in the Summer?

Did you know that a quality lawn can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%? Having a healthy lawn is an important part of being a homeowner, but it can feel like a lot of work.

You have to figure out how often to water your grass, remove weeds and cut your grass. The last task on that list is the subject of this article.

In the blog below, you’ll find answers to the question,”how often should you cut grass?” Cutting your grass too often will result in you having an unhealthy lawn.

Cutting your lawn too infrequently will result in an ugly lawn. Read on to learn how to find the sweet spot for how often you should cut grass.

The General Rule Is to Cut Your Lawn Once per Week

Most lawn care experts will tell you to cut your grass about once a week during the summer. Lawns grow quickly, and cutting your grass once per week will keep it looking neat.

Cutting your lawn every week is also a great way to prevent weeds from growing and spreading. While the one-week rule applies to most lawns, you should monitor your own lawn to see if it’s growing quickly enough to warrant a mow every week.

Let Your Lawn Grow Long Every So Often

Every once in a while, you’ll have to take a break from your regularly scheduled once-per-week routine of mowing the lawn. These breaks will give your grass a chance to grow long and extend its roots.

The longer the roots of your lawn, the more healthy your grass will be. It will look greener, stay alive later in the season, and require less frequent watering.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Once you get back to your regularly scheduled once-per-week mowing schedule, pay attention to how close you’re cutting the lawn. You should never cut grass by more than a third of its length.

This point is important to remember when you’re cutting your grass for the first time after you let it grow out.

You’ll have to cut it down gradually as opposed to cutting it down to an inch in one mowing session. It may take two or three mows before your lawn is back to normal length.

If you need help cutting your lawn the right way after you let it grow out, you can get some tips from the lawn services experts at Snaza Landscaping.

How Often Should You Cut Grass

The tips in this article will help you answer the question, “how often should you cut grass.? Using these strategies will ensure you cut your grass without harming the overall health of your lawn.

Remember to stick to a regular mowing schedule and take occasional breaks to let your grass grow its roots. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take care of your lawn, read through the other articles on this website.

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