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How Much Does a Trampoline Cost on Average?

How Much Does a Trampoline Cost on Average?

Did you know that the trampoline industry will reach three billion dollars by the year 2027? More and more people are adding this fun outdoor accessory to their yards or using them for all types of exercise.

Have you ever wondered, how much does a trampoline cost, and whether you can afford it? Here is a guide to the types of trampolines and an estimate of how much you will spend on average.

Netted Trampolines

If you want a trampoline that is safer for children, then a netted trampoline might be your best bet. These trampolines come with a netted cage around the perimeter of the trampoline.

Netted trampoline options include a variety of shapes and sizes, but most commonly, they are circular or octagonal. If you want a trampoline that will fit quite a few people, then you may want to go with a 12ft trampoline.

In addition, the netted trampolines have security zippers that adults can only access. You will not have to worry about small children entering the trampoline area when no one is around to watch them.

Expect to pay an average of around 400 dollars for a netted trampoline. The price tag varies based on the size and safety measures that you want to be included.

Exercise Trampolines

Although bouncing on any type of trampoline will provide you with a workout, there are some trampolines that are designed specifically for exercise. These trampolines tend to be smaller and work indoors as well.

The trampoline prices for exercise trampolines are also much lower than your traditional backyard trampoline. On average, you should budget about 100 dollars for a smaller exercise trampoline.

You can also do many trampoline workouts on the internet with your exercise trampoline. This will help you get in a targeted workout and make the most use of your exercise trampoline.

If you want to try out an exercise trampoline before buying one, many gyms have exercise trampoline group classes led by instructors. You can get a feel for how the trampoline workout impacts your body and whether you want one for home use.

Competition Trampolines

If your children take gymnastics classes, then you may want to invest in a competition trampoline. These types of trampolines can help them get practice time at home.

Make sure that your child is committed to gymnastics before you want to invest in a competition trampoline. While these devices are some of the best trampolines out there, they can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars for the top-quality models.

How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

If you want to invest in a trampoline, you should not have to break the bank to achieve your dream. With this guide, you can buy the perfect trampoline for your family’s needs.

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