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How Many T Shirts Should a Man Own?

How Many T Shirts Should a Man Own?

Did you know that the average household owns 248 garments and 29 pairs of shoes? Fast fashion has made excessive buying and retail therapy highly accessible. You may find yourself asking,

“How many t-shirts should a man own?”

To figure out the answer, there is some critical thinking involved. Depending on your lifestyle, you could go through 2 t-shirts a day, and if you only do laundry once a week, that’s 14 t-shirts!

Downsizing your closet makes your life simpler because you won’t waste time standing around aimlessly when trying to find an outfit. You’ll have more time to do the things you love.

If you’re interested in learning some effective t-shirt tips, continue reading our t-shirt guide!

Why Do You Keep T-Shirts?

In men’s wardrobes, you’ll find a majority of cotton t-shirts with simple designs or patterns. These shirts are convenient and practical. If you ever question,

“What is a t-shirt?”

Then that is the perfect definition. Convenient and practical pieces to add to your outfit.

Many people also hold on to t-shirts because they hold sentimental value. Some companies even donate their profits to charitable organizations when you buy their products, like this manatee shirt.

Memories are attached to most of the clothing you own, which makes them hard to throw away or donate. You may think you’re preserving that memory by keeping the t-shirt. But that’s not always true.

Either way, if you want to keep memorable articles of fashion, consider storing them so they’re preserved.

How Many T-Shirts Should a Man Own?

T-shirts are a fashion staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe, but it can be a bit intimidating when you think of how much you have.

Before deciding on what to keep, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Style (dress or casual)
  • Local weather
  • T-shirt design or colors

After you decide how many of each category you’ll need, think about the patterns you like. Striped or graphic t-shirts are great for casual outings.

Now, consider how often you do your laundry. For someone who does laundry once a week, take this as an example:

  • One t-shirt Monday-Friday
  • Three t-shirts Saturday and Sunday
  • Laundry once a week

If this is similar to you, then you’ll need 11 t-shirts to last you through the week.

There is another method that is best if you have a large excess of clothing. Grab each t-shirt out of the closet and keep them out in your room. Whenever you dress for the day, take it from the pile.

After washing the shirts you’ve worn, put them back in your closet. For each day, grab a shirt from the pile unless you can already wear the ones in your closet.

After a few months, the ones left out are the excess you don’t need.

Never Run Out Of T-Shirts Again

So, how many t-shirts should a man own? The answer is that it depends on your lifestyle.

Decluttering your space is the best way to have only what you need for your daily life. T-shirts are a staple in your wardrobe, and if you calculate exactly how many you need, you’ll never run out of them again.

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