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How Is Gold Made on the Earth?

How Is Gold Made on the Earth?

Did you know that the oldest processed piece of gold dates back to around 4,600 BC?

Well, now you do, and there are plenty more things to learn about gold in this article!

It’s no surprise you want to discover the secrets of the precious element. For thousands of years, humans obsessed over gold. Whether they love it for its shiny appearance or its high value, there are plenty of reasons to admire gold.

You might admire the chemical element too. And if you want to learn how gold is made on earth, keep reading until the end.

What Are the Properties of Gold?

Gold, with a chemical element symbol of AU, has 79 protons in every atomic nucleus. It has an atomic weight of 196.96657 and a density of 19.3 Mg/m3.

The most common compounds found in gold are auric chloride (AuCl3) and chloroauric acid (HAuCl4).

Where Is Gold Located?

As of 2022, around 240,000 metric tons of gold were uncovered on the earth’s surface. Whether it’s melted down or kept intact, experts believe that 80-90% of all that gold is still in use today.

The 240,000 metric tons of gold uncovered is valued at almost 8 million USD.

Gold is on all seven continents, but China produces most of the shiny elements. The nation gave the world 380 tones. And it has a reserve of almost 12,000 tonnes, which is 11.7% of the gold on the planet.

Australia, Russia, and the US are also vital contributors to gold. Between the three countries, they produce over a quarter of the gold around the globe.

How Is Gold Made on the Earth?

Most scientists agree that gold originated from supernovae and neutron star collisions. A star collapsed in a supernova. That released particles onto the earth while the planet was still forming.

Throughout its history, astroids shelled the world. In return, it brought materials such as iron and gold to the crust and mantle. Unfortunately for gold lovers, millions of pounds of that material are at the depths of the seas.

Australian scientists discovered that earthquakes and volcanos form gold. It happens once the earth faces pressure changes on the surface, which affects the water. When it vaporizes from the faults, the gold gets deposited into the 3-5 miles thick crust.

What Is Gold Used for in the 21st Century?

Gold has had plenty of uses throughout history. But the 21st century is arguably its most valuable period.

These are some of the ways people use them today:

  • Fashion and jewelry
  • Dentistry
  • Art and ornaments
  • Space exploration
  • Buildings and glassmaking

However, investing is one of the most popular uses for the material. Gold bars and coins are the best gold for an investment.

Now You Know How Gold Is Formed

Gold is one of the most precious materials on the planet. Ancient civilizations in Peru once believed it came from the tears of the gods. As fascinating as that may sound, you know for real how gold is made on the earth.

If you want to learn more about our fascinating planet, keep reading our in-depth blog!

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