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French Bulldog Temperament: What You Need to Know

French Bulldog Temperament: What You Need to Know

The French Bulldog is the 2nd most popular dog breed, behind only the beloved Labrador Retriever. They were first bred as a miniature Bulldog in England but brought to France where they got their name.

One look at these tiny wonders with their pushed-in faces and bat-like ears is enough to make you fall in love. They fit into every space, get along with everyone, and are adaptable enough for almost any situation.

Read on to learn about the typical French Bulldog temperament you should expect if you choose this lovable breed.

Energy Level

French Bulldog puppies are energetic and fiery. Their energy level cools down as they get older, but they still need plenty of exercise and play.

A large yard gives these dogs enough room to roam around. They also do well in small apartments if they get enough playtime. Keep them active but watch for heat stroke and breathing difficulties.

They’re also intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation. Try picking some toys that are also a puzzle for them to solve.


Always buy dogs that have been properly socialized as puppies. It’s one of the best ways to avoid aggression and unwanted behaviors.

French Bulldogs who have a strong early base are a friend to everyone. They love attention from humans and other dogs and will go out of their way to get it.

French Bulldogs get attached to their owners and are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They may start to tear up toys and furniture.

Frenchies love to play and can “play rough.” They’re great with children and other dogs, but be sure to introduce them slowly so that fights don’t break out.


Stubbornness is one of the only flaws in the typical French Bulldog temperament. It grows with age and can become a problem if not addressed early.

This doesn’t mean they can’t be trained. They’re calm and intelligent enough to learn quickly. Use positive reinforcement such as food or toys when they do well.

French Bulldogs have so much on their mind that they tend to have a short attention span. Teach them in short sessions that end when they get frustrated or bored.

Are you looking to buy a dog and think the French Bulldog may be the right fit for your situation? A breed guide is a great tool to help you make your decision; check it out.

More on the Typical French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldogs are adorable and adaptable, making them a popular choice for new owners.

These dogs are more energetic than they look. They love to run around all day but are also happy in your lap.

The typical French Bulldog temperament is affable enough to match with almost any other human or dog. They’re loving and prone to separation anxiety and mischief when left alone.

They’re also intelligent and trainable. You may have to work to overcome their stubborn streak and short attention span.

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