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Find a Tax Specialist With These 3 Tips

Find a Tax Specialist With These 3 Tips

There are over 80,000 employed tax preparers in the U.S., but their expertise is vast across specialties and experience levels. Hiring just anyone will not help you with your specific needs.

If you want to find a tax specialist that works for you then you need to do some research.

Here are the top three things to look for when looking for a tax advisor.

1. Look for Credentials and Experience

Anyone can call themselves a tax specialist and acquire a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). In fact, if they do it for free then they do not even need a PTIN.

Ensure that you find an expert that has a CPA or a law license and practices as a licensed attorney. They also should have completed the IRS’s Annual Filing Season program or other tax courses to understand any changes in tax law preparation.

All of these credentials help with their educational level, but you also want someone who has had real-world experience. So, your tax advisor should have other or previous clients and a proven track record of helping people with complex tax situations.

2. Find Someone Passionate and Pro-active

Out-of-the-box tax advisors may only know what is on the standard checklist. However, a pro-active tax specialist looks for things and asks questions. They are passionate about saving you money, so they dig into your finances rather than just looking at the surface.

Having an advisor that takes the extra step to get all of your deductions is worth the money spent. Do not settle for a standard lawyer who may charge a mediocre price. When you pay more than you get a personal touch, one that cannot be found at large law firms or tax companies.

3. Consider Long-term Partnerships

When it comes to professional tax advisors, you want someone who is there to generate your wealth not just pay your fair share of taxes.

A company like has the tools to do just that. It is about building long-term goals by looking at your current situation and alternating your personal and business practices.

Tax specialists work with you for years not just during tax season to file once a year. They are with you every step of the way by ensuring you are making the best decisions year-round.

Additionally, partnerships build trust, especially when it comes to your finances that involve sensitive information like bank accounts. You should be able to give your advisor access to these resources without worry.

How to Find a Tax Specialist

Now that you know what to look for, how do you find a tax specialist that fits your needs? You will find many qualified people online, but word-of-mouth is your best option to ensure reliability. Look at your options and make screening appointments before you make your pick and take your time while doing so.

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