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Fiji Travel Tips: What You Should Know Before Your Visit

Fiji Travel Tips: What You Should Know Before Your Visit

Fiji is one of the most popular travel destinations for good reason. There are over 300 different islands you can visit, and numerous places to spend time in the water or on the beach. Pick and choose between any of the destination islands for a custom-made trip.

However, you shouldn’t buy a ticket as soon as you can without doing the necessary research about the island country. The ongoing pandemic has introduced a lot of Fiji travel restrictions that may still apply in certain areas. There are also certain months that offer a better time to visit than others.

Fiji Travel Restrictions

Travel to Fiji has always been open for tourists. You can visit and stay there for up to four months. After that, you may be penalized and receive a fine.

However, you must have owned a valid passport for at least six months beforehand and have a blank visa page.

During the height of the pandemic, travel was much more restricted. Like many other countries, pre-travel COVID-19 tests were required in addition to a full vaccination. Only recently were those restrictions lifted.

Fiji Covid Cases

Currently, Fiji is facing a crisis regarding its healthcare system. COVID-19 proved a wake-up call for the country, and Aspen Medical stepped in to overhaul the operations of both Lautoka and Ba hospitals.

Instead, one was shut down during a surge in COVID cases in 2021, and vaccine distribution was limited. If you’re immunocompromised or have had challenges with COVID in the past, now may not be the best time to travel to Fiji.

Look here to learn more.

Can Americans Travel to Fiji?

Fiji officially reopened travel to American travelers in December of 2021. As long as you are fully vaccinated and virus-free, then you are free to travel to Fiji.

Keep in mind that you may still encounter mandatory testing requirements, travel restrictions, and mask requirements while there.

Planning Out Your Trip

If you’re traveling to Fiji, try to think first about your health. Although COVID infection rates have lowered drastically since the beginning of the year, it’s still a tourist destination with a lot of people. Bring plenty of masks and hand sanitizer for your safety.

Get a hotel room well in advance for the best rates. Not only will you have a better option for your room, but you’ll often find discounts on the price.

Don’t forget to read up on Fiji’s international travel page and have it bookmarked. You can find all the most important details such as embassy locations and healthcare information.

Be Careful in Your Travels

Many people consider now to be the best time to travel in the past two years. COVID rates are down and travel is getting less restrictive. However, many countries are still recovering from the pandemic and preparing for new outbreaks.

That’s not to say that Fiji travel should be off the table. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and try not to stand too close to strangers. It’s called common courtesy.

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