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Eco Park Opening Time

Eco Park in Kolkata is a highly acclaimed tourist attraction and a perfect respite from hectic city life. Not only that, it also serves as an enjoyable place for friends and families to gather.

The Park at New Town in Rajarhat lies along Major Arterial Road and Biswa Bangla Sarani and offers many unique attractions, making it one of the biggest urban parks in India.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Eco Park offers the ideal place for families and individuals of all ages to have fun outdoors while making memories! There is something here for every age range – from little ones to adults alike! Music, dance, and food are all within reach for visitors of any age. Plus, you can experience various plants and flowers to see! It is sure to create lasting memories!

This delightful tourist spot in Kolkata is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It features various thematic areas, such as the Mother’s Wax Museum, an adda zone, a fruit garden, graffiti walls, a meadow garden, a musical fountain mask garden, and the seven wonders. This park has become extremely popular among families and tourists, offering everything necessary for children’s play and enjoyment – it even has a children’s play park!

Eco Park is best enjoyed during wintertime when temperatures and humidity are lower, though you can visit any time during the year if the heat doesn’t bother you. Remember, though, that as it’s pretty significant, it could take some time to cover all its attractions.

Eco Park offers many activities for visitors to enjoy, such as walking, bicycling, and boating. Some activities are free; others require purchasing tickets at different rates. Below are details regarding these charges:

Along with these attractions, there’s plenty of food at the park. Restaurants and eateries can be found within its boundaries, and several kiosks offer food services – though be mindful that outside food is not allowed into the park!

Salt lake, Ultadanga, and Baguihati offer frequent bus services directly to Eco Park, while buses from Tollygunge also run there. Buses may also be running from Kolkata Airport into Eco Park; please check their schedule before traveling, as this could save time! For large groups visiting with different schedules, reserving a bus beforehand may be worthwhile to save time and effort!

It is open from Sunday to Monday.

The Eco Park in Kolkata is an excellent spot for families. Among its attractions is a mini zoo, botanical garden, and art gallery that will appeal to children and adults alike. Couples also find this place suitable; teams can skate at the skating rink and test their archery skills. There is an ice skating rink and several restaurants and fast-food outlets here!

Boating on the vast lake at Eco Park can also be enjoyed for an affordable price; single rides start from 50 or 300 rupees depending on how long you want to remain on the lake, with group boat trips also available at an attractive rate.

Eco Park’s centerpiece attraction is its large lake covering more than 42 acres – known in Bengali as Prakriti Tirtha – which is the perfect setting for various activities, like boating and zorbing. This lovely sight boasts green gardens and fountains around its edge – genuinely making for a breathtaking scene!

Eco Park also provides many other activities, including visiting the Artist Cottage – an idyllic environment designed to inspire creativity – or just strolling around Flower Lake enjoying its magnificent view.

Eco Park visitors enjoy visiting for many reasons, including its Adda Zone, an intimate space dedicated to small conversations. This quiet area aims to foster peaceful discussions while people relax and discuss whatever topics come to mind. Plus, its cafe provides another option when craving refreshments!

A mini zoo within the park houses animals such as barking deer, turtles, and more – making it very popular with children and adults. Situated near Wildflower Meadow with plenty of seating for visitors who can also feed the animals! Plus, this park also boasts a water slide – perfect for all family members!

It is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

The Eco Park of New Town, Rajarhat, is well known for the services it offers visitors. A popular destination for day outings and school excursions, some notable features of this Eco Park include its large parking facility and food kiosks; visitors can also purchase Eco Walk tickets online. Open every day except Monday.

The park features multiple thematic sections such as a formal garden, Mother’s Wax Museum, Adda zone, fruits garden, tea garden, meadow garden, musical fountain mask garden sculpture garden, seven wonders of the world garden, and rare species of animals and plants that call this park their home.

Beyond these attractions, the park also boasts other captivating offerings that make it a worthwhile visit. One such draw is the Vokatta Festival, held each January, which draws thousands of tourists from India and abroad.

Additionally, the park boasts an expansive children’s play area specially tailored for young ones with water slides, bouncy castles, food court offerings from different cuisines, and free admission for those under three years old.

The park can be reached easily via road, rail, and air. Kolkata International Airport is close enough for city buses to operate directly between there and the garden. At the same time, those traveling by rail can use either Howrah Junction railway station or Bidhan Nagar railway station before getting on one of the buses from Sealda or Bidhan Nagar, respectively – it is also possible to hire pre-paid taxis/cabs directly from Kolkata International Airport itself. Visitors should ensure they bring umbrellas/glares/sunscreen regularly while also wearing comfortable shoes for the best experience, as a first aid booth is available within park grounds should an emergency occur!

It is open from Monday to Friday.

Kolkata Park is a favorite recreation spot for families in Kolkata. Covering an expansive 480 acres, its ecological zones, theme gardens, and open spaces enclose a man-made lake, and it was inaugurated by the West Bengal Chief Minister in 2012. Now a major tourist attraction, it also houses restaurants and amenities like snack kiosks and golf cart rentals to get around quickly.

Eco Park provides various activities and sports, such as toy train rides, ice skating, and archery. A children’s park allows families to spend quality time together; additional attractions include botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, and bird sanctuaries.

Hiranalya Park features a mini zoo known as Hiranalya that boasts an assortment of barking deer, turtles, and other animals you can see here. In time, however, hippos and giraffes will join their ranks!

Sabujsathi Island lies at the center of the park and is surrounded by a vast lake. On this small island stands a 2800 sq-foot glass house offering panoramic views. Additionally, three open-air viewing galleries give visitors access to this viewing experience.

On this island, a conference hall is available for private or corporate events, a Baul Gram for live Baul performances, and an Ayurveda spa for relaxation. Furthermore, visitors can visit The Seven Wonders of the World, which contains miniature replicas of some of its most well-known monuments.

Visit Kolkata Park during its winter season from October to February for the optimal experience and natural refreshments. It offers relief from city life while giving an insight into Kolkata culture; bus, car, and taxi services provide easy accessibility.