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Duckland Menu

Duckland menu is updated regularly. You can check out the latest menu online or from official sources. The menu also includes prices. The costs of the different items on the menu will help you determine whether they are worth trying. Moreover, you will also know if they are serving good quality food.

Duck Confit & Waffle

One of London’s newest restaurants, Duckland, has a menu sure to please any duck lover. This contemporary American restaurant will feature ducks raised on the Silver Hill Farm in Ireland; a breed considered the wagyu of ducks. The meat from the ducks is succulent and supple, with a rich flavour and crisp skin. They are also fed soy, wheat, and maize diet to make their meat moist and juicy.

Duckland’s menu features everything you can imagine – from classic Asian dishes to contemporary Western creations. For example, the Duck Confit & Waffle features tender duck meat paired with a buttermilk waffle. This dish comes with a side of duck confit, a crispy skin, and 100% maple syrup. It’s a great brunch option. You can also order the Singapore Slaw, decorated with edible flowers. The dish also comes with a side of julienned red carrots, daikon, and turnip.

If you’re craving a more substantial meal, Duckland’s Roast Irish Duck is a must-order. This half-duck is incredibly juicy and succulent and boasts a good layer of fat. The meal cohashree dips to savour: duck liver, orange liquor, and rum. The sauce is delicious and promises a burst of umami.

The menu at Duckland is farm to fork, and the Irish Duck used at the restaurant is a premium grade variety from Silver Hill Farm. This breed crosses Aylesbury and Peking ducks and is highly prized for its dense and porous skin. While this restaurant is best known for its roast duck, it also serves a range of duck-related delicacies and other Irish products.

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