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Driving Schools Quincy

Driving schools in Quincy provide their students with a safe learning environment and can assist in becoming the best driver within your group of friends. Their professional guidance will also boost your abilities further.

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Driver’s Ed

Driver’s Ed courses provide new drivers with the knowledge necessary to pass their learner’s permit or driver’s license tests successfully. Classes can take place in either a classroom setting, via vehicle instruction, or online learning platforms, covering topics like traffic law or basic driving techniques. While required for many teens, refresher courses can also benefit experienced drivers in further expanding their repertoire of knowledge.

Reputable driving schools provide courses that meet all state requirements, providing both classroom instruction and motor vehicle on-road training for their studies. These are usually offered through high schools or colleges. Classroom instruction spans 24 hours while on-road training covers 18 hours; to instruct this course, the instructor must hold a valid Driver Education Teacher Certificate, with six of those hours spent driving directly with students in an actual vehicle with them; the remaining 12 hours may be split among observation, simulator or range instruction by the driving school.

Driving lessons should build confidence in their student drivers. Nervous students can make mistakes due to nerves behind the wheel that could result in failed tests; an experienced instructor can help calm nerves and prepare you for your driving exam in order to become safer drivers who pass the first time around.

Once you complete a driver’s ed course and log 50 practice hours, it is time to take your test. Please keep in mind that nearly one out of three students fail on their first try, but don’t be discouraged; take each step at your own pace and remain patient!

No matter your age, driving lessons can help anyone improve their driving abilities. Not only will lessons teach you how to operate a vehicle safely and understand road rules and what steps are taken during an emergency scenario, but you could even save money with driver ed courses as insurance providers sometimes offer discounts when customers complete such classes; it is always advisable to check what their policy says though!

Traffic Laws

Drivers must abide by a complex network of traffic laws and be mindful of any infractions that violate them, which could incur fines and other penalties for infringing upon these regulations – both criminal and civil. Any violation may have serious repercussions financially and could impact one’s insurance premium, making it essential that before paying a fine, one understands the repercussions associated with said violation.

Crash Prevention – The City of Quincy was awarded a Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant for federal fiscal year 2024, providing funding for additional traffic safety enforcement efforts during high-risk times throughout the year, helping reduce crashes and injuries on City roads. Police will focus their attention on speeding, electronic device usage, and impaired driving as key contributors.

SURCHARGEABLE VIOLATIONS – State law classifies certain traffic offenses as surchargeable offenses, meaning they will raise insurance premiums. Examples of surchargeable violations include speeding, running red lights and stop signs without stopping, failing to yield, swerving over the line, or backing over driveways. Drivers ticketed for surchargeable violations should contact an experienced Quincy traffic lawyer immediately for advice and representation.

Consider Attending Defensive Driving Courses as the Solution – To avoid traffic violations, defensive driving courses can often be the most effective solution. Not only can these classes improve driving skills, but they can help prevent costly fines and lower insurance rates as well. Many assume they must pay their traffic ticket immediately. However, it is wiser to inquire as soon as possible as to when payment must be submitted and also options for contesting it with the court.

Quincy Area Safety Council is an official National Safety Council training center offering Defensive Driving Courses online. Taught by certified instructors, our courses have earned recognition from courts, motor vehicle departments, businesses, and municipalities nationwide due to their consistent quality. Furthermore, systems provided by the Quincy Area Safety Council are also accessible to members of the general public.

Road Signs

Learning road signs is essential to becoming a safe driver. Each road sign carries with it its meaning; therefore, understanding their colors and shapes is vitally important in order to avoid making errors that could result in collisions.

Stop signs are one of the most familiar types of road signs, instructing drivers that they must come to an immediate stop. This signal can be beneficial to new drivers who may be unfamiliar with traffic rules or highway driving. Teen drivers need to learn about different road signs as well, including those used to indicate speed limits, turn lanes, and one-way roads.

There are also various warning road signs. For instance, hill warning signs alert drivers of impending hazards on the road ahead. This type of sign typically features yellow lettering or symbols.

A divided highway sign alerts drivers that a two-lane highway will soon change into three lanes and may become confusing when approaching this intersection. Therefore, they must pay close attention and slow down before coming to this point on the road.

Narrow Bridge signs serve an essential purpose, alerting drivers that a bridge’s width is smaller than that of its roadway. As this could prove very hazardous for drivers, it’s wise to reduce speed before approaching these areas.

There is also a Sign to Show Vehicle Height Restriction sign, which warns drivers not to exceed certain height limits when transporting tall equipment, such as construction vehicles. This warning sign can be beneficial in keeping drivers under the legal limit for elevated equipment transport.

Roadway signs using symbols rather than words have become increasingly prevalent as they provide more information in less time and help overcome language barriers. A poster featuring an image such as one depicting pedestrians crossing an intersection may be more effective than using words alone to warn drivers.


No matter your driving needs – from teens seeking their license to adults looking to ease stress levels while behind the wheel – Quincy offers safety classes designed specifically to your requirements. From learning road rules and how to drive safely under all conditions to passing written and behind-the-wheel examinations, safety classes will help keep you safe on the roads while helping you avoid costly fines.

Kerry Anders’ retirement wasn’t spent lounging around on a golf course – instead, he opened a private driver’s education school in Quincy, Massachusetts. Anders’s driving school offers classroom and on-road courses designed to prepare students for state written and behind-the-wheel exams; classes are open seven days a week with free pick-up/drop-off for residents in the surrounding areas.

Driver’s ed classroom courses are offered to students as young as 14 years old. To comply with RMV requirements for driving practice sessions with parents or guardians for 50 hours over 10 hours at night with adult supervision, these classes must be taken prior to beginning driving lessons with an adult driver instructor for 50 hours (including ten at night) between 12-18 months of age. Anders claims his students complete this portion in as little as four weeks!

He offers driving lessons in his car and has a lengthy waiting list of students. Being both an experienced high school teacher and football coach gives him the ability to make his pupils comfortable behind the wheel and feel secure behind it. Furthermore, unlike some schools that impose stringent scheduling requirements on their pupils, this provider is flexible in accommodating his pupils’ schedules and needs.