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Crestwood High School Basketball

Crestwood Preparatory College earned its sports powerhouse status through an array of bursaries for top athletes and its famed coach, yet not everyone is excited by it.

Crestwood students can select from an extensive range of academic, athletic, and vocational-technical programs designed to prepare them for two and 4-year colleges or beyond.


Students remained alert, cheered, and chanted throughout all 32 minutes of the State Championship Game at USC Aiken, and senior Johnathan Whysong provided much-needed energy in his final high school game as senior captain of the Wren boys team led by Fran Campbell under the leadership of the senior captains Jacob McQueen and Johnathan Whysong ran all over Crestwood (23-5) with its fast-paced, exciting style matchup at USC Aiken in SCHSL Class AAA Title Game at SCHSL Class AAA Championship Title Game at USC Aiken in front of over 42,000 spectators clap and cheered from student section while Johnathan Whysong led his Wren boys team with Fran Campbell coaching under the leadership of captains Whysong and McQueen’s leadership and Wren boys directed by Jacob McQueen and Whysong were at their peak with USC Aiken playing Crestwood 233-5 with high energy and style matchup perfectly in the fast-paced final game at USC Aiken in a perfect matchup of styles;


Wren boys and girls teams each advanced to state finals on consecutive nights last week in Aiken, and there was no shortage of students ready to show their support for both teams. Led by football star Travon West of Wake Forest University – its student section stood on its feet throughout each game, chanting along.

Even after losing four starters to graduation, the girl’s team is expected to remain competitive this winter. Junior guard Hannah Ward was named first-team All-Central Valley Conference last season and hit 101 3-pointers; junior 5-foot-6 guard Abby Guyette notched 69 steals and 68 assists during her junior season; seniors Kaitlyn Huffman and Lainey Thomas, as well as freshmen Grace Harper and Livia Martini, will provide depth for this squad.

Red Devils don’t possess much varsity experience, but the group they do possess contains several shooters who will allow them to spread the floor offensively and create opportunities from all areas of the court – be it wings or inlet to post. Their focus will also be creating pressure that leads to turnovers and easy transition baskets.


Crestwood High School emphasizes academics, with many of its students engaging in extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs to make learning more engaging and rewarding. Furthermore, these extracurriculars help relieve the stresses associated with everyday life while developing social skills at an earlier age. Moreover, Crestwood also offers various academic courses, including advanced placement.

Crestwood High School serves ninth through twelfth grades at its only location within Mountain Top’s district, located along Route 309 with over 19,000. This community-minded high school takes great pride in its students.

The faculty and administration at this school enjoy an enviable reputation for excellence in education. Their dedication is evident in the success of their graduates – including doctors, lawyers, teachers, and mechanics, as well as businesspeople, military members, and community workers who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, or mechanics themselves!

In September 2013, Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational-Technical School unveiled a brand-new facility and expanded academic offerings, making travel much less daunting for local students who had to travel thirteen miles for vocational training previously at Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational-Technical School in Plains Township. Now, students from this community no longer must travel thirteen miles for such instruction due to this facility’s opening.

School graduates include actress Laura “Pauley” Perrette of the CBS crime show NCIS and Peter Buck of R.E.M’s alternative rock band R.E.M, as well as several academic and career programs offered at this school, such as Advanced Placement courses.

At Northview High School, their student-to-teacher ratio of 21:1 exceeds the state average. Furthermore, as members of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, they adhere to rigorous academic standards, and students who choose interscholastic sports learn teamwork and respect for one another as part of an experience that’s taught through competition. Lastly, Northview also offers a variety of competitive sports.


Crestwood High School stands out for its comprehensive athletics program, which emphasizes not only physical development but also teamwork and sportsmanship. Crestwood athletes embody the spirit of their school community, while the Michigan High School Athletic Association helps ensure high standards are upheld in its athletics programs.

At school, there are a wide range of clubs and organizations designed to help students discover their passions and gain new skills. Colleges look favorably upon students involved with activities outside the classroom; therefore, it is recommended that they join one that interests them. Joining clubs also gives people an opportunity to meet new people while making friends that could ultimately prove very valuable in the long run.

The National Honor Society is an international student-led organization that encourages scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Their purpose is to instill enthusiasm for academic pursuits while stimulating service efforts and developing leadership among members. Students achieving at least a 3.91 GPA with no more than one category one discipline referral and an acceptable behavior record are eligible to join this organization, applying during their sophomore year; applications are due in November. Mr. Kremer and Mrs. Nelson serve as sponsors for this organization, with members expected to attend meetings regularly, participate in service projects, contribute to their communities, maintain a good behavior record, and show good sportsmanship at all times.