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Does Tinting Car Windows Add Value?

Does Tinting Car Windows Add Value?

The average cost of a new car in the United States sits at an all-time high of $47,000. Prices are steadily rising in all aspects of our lives. But are you bringing down or building up the value of that high-priced car with tinted windows?

It’s a common addition to any new or used vehicle and has numerous benefits. Is it worth it in the end? Continue reading to learn more about how tinting car windows can affect the value of your vehicle!

State Window Tinting Laws

First, let’s discuss one area where you may run into issues with tinting your car. Each state has differing laws on the level of darkness they will allow. If you plan on selling your car, you might have trouble if you sell to someone in another state or if you’ve moved.

There are varying penalties for violating these laws. They are usually quite small but it is something to consider. You may need to have the tint removed before you sell which could be costly.

Different Kinds of Auto Window Tint

In addition to different car tint levels, there are numerous types of window tints. These include ceramic, carbon tint, metallic, hybrid, and dyed. Each type of tint will come with its own set of pros and cons that can make them more or less desirable.

Regardless, it needs to be a professional tint. DIY tint can lead to problems such as bubbling or fading that will turn people away and decrease your value.

Higher Appeal

It’s no secret that people love tinted windows. The biggest added value you’ll get from tinted windows is that it has better appeal. This sleek look adds more privacy and makes almost any car look better. While you may not notice a huge increase in the price of your vehicle, you will reap the benefits of it as a selling point.

Climate Considerations

Depending on where you live, tinting your car windows could provide another added benefit. With less sun fading and a cooler interior, people in warmer climates are more attracted to cars with tinted windows. In hot climates, many people won’t consider buying a vehicle without tinted windows.

Focusing on less sun fading is something to consider that will protect the value of your car. Different parts of the interior of your car are likely to fade with repeated exposure to sunlight. Having tinted windows can prevent this from happening and slow the devaluing of your car.

The Value of Tinting Car Windows

Tinting car windows is incredibly common because of numerous benefits. When it comes to added value, there is some possibility. However, you’ll want to ensure that it is done professionally to avoid risking hurting your car’s value. Always be sure to pay attention to your local laws for the legal level of tint.

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