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Disc Golf Discs: The Three Different Types You Should Know

Disc Golf Discs: The Three Different Types You Should Know

The disc golf community saw an explosion in 2020 partly because of the pandemic and folks looking for safe outdoor activities that would allow them to maintain social distance. This increase continued in 2021, as roughly 5.3 million more rounds were played and recorded with a popular scoring service.

Such a significant increase has led to innovation in associated gear and courses, and disc golf discs are no exception. Previously considered a minimum 4-disc sport, breakthroughs in aerodynamics coupled with the popularity of playing disc golf have led many to consider cutting their minimum to 3 types of discs.

Disc Golf Discs

There are three main disc types, all of which you will need to pose any kind of competition. Each is designed for a specific purpose, speed, and distance – let’s take a look below.

1. Drivers

Just like in golf, your driver is your heavy hitter. It is the only one designed specifically to get you from the tee to as close to the green as possible.

Your driver will also be the heaviest disc you’ll have while playing disc golf because it needs the extra bulk and sturdiness to stay strong and consistent on its flight path.

One of the most sought-after drivers on the market today is a part of Discraft Heat driver. It’s built for speed and straight-shooting. It’s easy on the paycheck as well, coming in at $25.99.

2. Midrange Discs

Once thought of as the 3rd in a set of 4, the midrange disc has evolved to cover two different roles: the turn right after the drive and the approach to the green where needed. These discs are thinner and more lightweight but still sturdy enough for an aggressive move toward the hole.

If you’re looking for a solid midrange, you might check out these golf discs. They offer many of the same traits as the Discreet Heat Maximum Distance Driver – flies straight and sturdy while not taking too big of a chunk out of your milk money.

3. Putters

Putters are designed to be slow and very easy to control. They are the closest thing to what you would consider a traditional “frisbee,” though some disc golf purists scoff at the term. You need them that way, as you are likely a dozen or fewer feet from the hole when you break out the putter (unless you like losing or have thrown your shoulder out).

Some hardcore fans of playing disc golf will make a big fuss over their putter, but for the casual player, a nice and tidy model like this offering from Discraft will get the job done easily.

If You’re Going to Show Up Then Show Out

With such a growing fanbase, you’re going to have to come correct to the course with some decent disc golf discs if you want to be competitive. Hey, if you’d rather sweat through your shirt and trudge through thorns all day looking for your old frisbee – fine!

Or you could drop a little bit of cash on the tools that will have you powering through the course properly – that’s your choice.

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