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CNC for Beginners – The Different Types of CNC Machines

CNC for Beginners – The Different Types of CNC Machines

Did you know that the United States has 16.8% Global Manufacturing Output in the world? Like many things, the CNC industry has grown in the last decade.

But with this explosion in popularity, it can be hard to decide what is suitable for your production needs. While most people are familiar with CNC machines, they may not know all the different types.

To help you out, we want to share everything you need to know in this easy-to-follow CNC for beginners guide. Read on!

Milling Machines

These machines use to create anything from small parts to large objects. CNC milling machines use a cutting tool to remove material from a workpiece.

The workpiece is secure to the machine’s table, and the cutting tool moves around the workpiece to create the desired shape. You can use this as CNC for beginners.


A CNC lathe is a computer-controlled lathe used to create precise and intricate parts. These parts are made from various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

There are a variety of CNC lathes on the market, each with its unique features and capabilities. The different types of CNC lathes include:

Benchtop CNC Lathes

These lathes are small and compact. This makes them ideal for use in smaller workshop environments.

Floor-Standing CNC Lathes

These lathes are larger and more potent than benchtop models. These make them ideal for use in larger production environments.

CNC Lathes With Live Tooling

These lathes equip with tools that use to create more complex parts. CNC lathes with live tooling are some of the most versatile machines on the market, able to perform various tasks.

CNC Lathes With Y-Axis

These lathes have more axis that allows for more complex machining operations. CNC lathes are an excellent choice for beginners because they offer superb value for money and are very easy to use.

Plus, the Y-axis pneumatic control is an outstanding feature for those who want to make precise, repeatable cuts.


Routers use to cut and shape wood, plastic, and aluminum. They have a rotating cutting bit that runs by a computer-controlled motor.

Different types of CNC routers are classified based on their intended use. For example, industrial CNC routers use in factories for mass production, and desktop CNC routers are smaller and more affordable for hobbyists and small shops.

You can also find the most affordable CNC machines online so make sure to do your research.

Drilling Machines

CNC drilling machines are one type of CNC machine used in various industries. They create holes in multiple materials, including metals, plastics, and wood.

Choosing the Right CNC for Beginners

CNC machines are excellent tools that can help you create almost anything. If you’re interested in getting started with CNC for beginners, there are a few different types of machines you can choose from.

Decide what kind of projects you want to create, and then find a machine that will help you complete those projects. With a bit of practice, you’ll create amazing things in no time!

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