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Clemmons Kitchen Menu

Clemmons Kitchen is a long-standing establishment with loyal customers. The restaurant offers homestyle cooking and has been in business since 1977. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast or a satisfying dinner. The menu offers everything from spaghetti to homemade desserts. For drinks, you can enjoy iced tea.


If you’ve ever dined at Clemmons Kitchen, you may have noticed a few things different. For example, the menu may not be the same as the menu at Clemmons’ sister restaurant, Mocksville. Thankfully, you can download the latest Clemmons Kitchen menu to see if it is the same as what you’ve seen in the past.

If you’re craving southern comfort food, Clemmons Kitchen is the place to go. It offers a variety of classic and innovative meals. You can order fried chicken, potato salads, pork chops, and more. You can also get a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine to accompany your meal. The service is also top-notch at Clemmons Kitchen, and the restaurant’s decor is spectacular. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting.


Clemmons Kitchen has been around since 1977 and offers a wide range of cuisine. The menu includes classic American favorites such as fried chicken and potato salads, pork chops, and coconut cakes. It also offers great coffee and wine. The restaurant is known for its friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and great service. It rates 4.5 stars on the Google grading system.

Gus Tsatsaronis came to the United States from Greece when he was seventeen years old. He first worked at the Grecian Corner in Winston-Salem for three years before launching his own restaurant. Now, Gus and his son, Bobby Tsatsaronis, co-own Clemmons Kitchen. Gus Tsatsaronis always dreamed of owning a restaurant and he has achieved this dream.


Prices on the Clemmons kitchen menu include fried chicken, potato salad, and pork chops. The menu also includes good coffee and wine. The restaurant is known for its friendly staff and spectacular decor. It has a cozy atmosphere and is rated 4.5 on Google’s grading system.

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