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Clarks School Shoes

Clark school shoes offer parents looking for value options when purchasing footwear for their children at an economical price. Clarks is known for creating supportive yet durable footwear designed to promote natural movement and ensure lasting comfort.

Their shoes are also tailored to accommodate orthotics, offering various width fittings to accommodate most foot types.


Clarks shoes have long been revered as premium and stylish options for children’s footwear, offering various styles and width fittings to meet all sizes. Your child is sure to find their ideal pair for school; Clarks has an array of colors and designs that cater to everyone’s taste, making their footwear an unrivaled value among parents who appreciate both quality and affordability.

This brand is steeped in British culture, having been founded in 1825. Boasting an exemplary tradition of craftsmanship and innovation with contemporary ideas, their shoes are designed for optimal performance, boasting crepe soles that provide extra bounce and flexibility while using soft yet durable leathers to construct them.

As the company expands, its founders emphasize quality and integrity throughout their designs and manufacturing methods – this can be seen in how products are designed as well as produced. Furthermore, Clarks maintains an expansive production network across Europe and Asia, with factories in China and Vietnam producing over 30% of footwear production for them, as in the UK, where they have built an iconic brand following.

Recently, the company has expanded its footwear range to include Wellington boots and shoe-sneaker hybrids. Furthermore, they have collaborated with musicians and artists to design special-edition versions of its heritage silhouettes, and this has contributed to them building up a cult following for the brand.

Clarks shoes can now be found in over 500 stores and concessions throughout the UK, such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. In addition, Clarks also provides an online booking shoe fitting service, offering 15-minute slots with trained shoe fitters who will measure and help select appropriate sizes for both you and your child’s feet based on needs analysis.

The company is also expanding its footprint in India. Partnering with prominent local footwear companies such as Tata, Sara Soule, and P. Footwear to develop an efficient distribution network in the country. India’s enormous population fuels growth here, proximity to China and other Asian markets, and favorable government support.

Frequency of use

Clarks is world-renowned for its shoes, offering an extensive range of sizes and width options, including half sizes – perfect for your child! Their boots also come with various fastening styles, including laces and zippers; some techniques even support machine washing! Adding to that, Clarks also offers eco-friendly shoes made with recycled materials or responsible leather that make up part of their product lineup.

The company offers an impressive selection of school shoes for both girls and boys, which has proven popular with parents due to the variety of styles and designs. Many types are suitable for activities of various kinds, and some are even waterproof; others have removable insoles that can be replaced by prescription orthotics if necessary, making these an excellent option for kids with flat feet or who need extra support in their footwear.

Clarks has faced considerable backlash for its decision to divide its school shoe lines for boys and girls into separate collections, citing differences in foot shapes of boys and girls as its justification. Some parents, including Jemma Moonie-Dalton’s Facebook post about trying to buy shoes for her seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son at a London Clarks store within 24 hours, was shared over 7,000 times on Facebook alone!

Clarks quickly expanded their wholesale and branded retailing business shortly after becoming part of the United Kingdom in 1903. They acquired Hanover Shoes Inc, which owned 220 retail stores; this gave Clarks presence on college campus trade markets as well as high-end retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus.

Clarks is beloved among parents for its comprehensive fitting service, enabling parents to book appointments at their local Clarks store to have their children’s feet measured before using an online sizing guide or purchasing a foot gauge to take measurements at home.

Child’s activities

Clarks offer an expansive selection of school shoes for both boys and girls in multiple widths and machine washability features, with many being machine washable and odour-free, as well as being compatible with prescription orthotics. Their fit services also boast comprehensive measuring services in-store as well as at-home foot gauges to provide perfect fits.

Clarks school shoes feature waterproof spray for extra protection and comfort; plus, leather linings allow feet to breathe naturally while helping reduce any unpleasant odor from sweat.

Mums may be many things, but they aren’t professional shoe fitters; that’s why Clark offers an appointment booking service at their stores to assist parents in finding the ideal shoe fit for their children. Plus, they provide an easy online guide that shows how to measure feet correctly at home!

Walking style

Clarks shoes are designed with comfort in mind, enabling easy foot movement. Additionally, these high-quality materials ensure a long wear time. Plus, they’re eco-friendly! Wear Clarks and feel good about doing good.

Clark school shoes are widely renowned for their comfortable fit, making them a fantastic option for children who spend long periods standing or moving around on their feet. Offering plenty of cushioning and support as well as ample traction on wet or slippery surfaces, they make excellent school shoe choices.

These lightweight shoes also boast flexible soles to support your foot as you walk, making them especially important for children with flat feet as they help prevent problems like plantar fasciitis. Not to mention their variety of styles available to meet every taste and lifestyle!

Clarks shoes are made from high-quality materials that ensure they will be durable and long-lasting, as well as being breathable for cooling feet throughout the day. Ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as well as being lightweight and easy to maintain – Clark’s footwear makes an excellent everyday option!

However, it would help if you kept in mind that some Clarks shoes may not be designed to withstand wet environments, and washing them in a washing machine can cause them to shrink. Therefore, it is recommended to use a soft cloth with warm, soapy water to clean your Clarks shoes instead. In addition, make sure they are protected from uneven terrains as this could damage them as well.

Clarks school shoes are a go-to choice for parents due to their durability and quality. Crafted with comfort in mind, there is an assortment of styles available to meet the needs of your child’s feet, plus an affordable price point and warranty to provide peace of mind for parents.