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Christian Mingle Reviews – WHY IT IS THE BEST


Christian Mingle Reviews – There were those days where couples would wait for a letter from each other for months, later came technology, where they would share their feelings with their partners in a much faster way. And finally came the age of online dating websites, a perfect platform to enjoy a moment of love and care, away from the busy routine life. Finding a loyal partner is not an easy task. It revolves around trust, and few others attribute one wish to see in their partners. It may be habit, style, and religion as well. 

Christian Mingle Reviews is an exciting dating site by Spark Networks for Christian Singles to help them find their soul mate. Spark Network is a company with numerous brands that share a common database for dating. Christian Mingle Reviews started its service in 2001 and launched its dating application in late 2014.

Christian Mingle Reviews is a growing family of over 16 million members. As it is a demographical match-making site based on religion, the members may choose any two options to specify from where they belong:-

They can select their Christian denominations. Some of the available options are- 

  • Anglican/Episcopalian
  • Apostolic
  • Baptist
  • Catholic
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Orthodox
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Southern Baptist.

They can choose to opt-out by selecting options such as-

  • Interdenominational
  • Non-Denominational
  • Not sure yet

Initially, the Christian Mingle Reviews Dating Site allowed its users to choose either the male-seeking or female-seeking option. But later in July 2016, the Christian Mingle Reviews Dating Site allowed same-sex men and women because of the non-discrimination lawsuit.



  • Christian Mingle Reviews site has a simple layout and navigation menus. You can change your profile settings at ease. It has an advanced search option to ease your quest looking for the one.
  • Using Christian Mingle Reviews is easy. You can set up your profile in a few simple steps:-
  1. Click on the Christian Mingle website. You can sign up with your email and social media accounts. You can also follow the following process:-
  2. To create your profile, firstly, fill up the demographic information asked.
  3. Now, starts the setup process. You need to put some information like your gender, ethnicity, education, smoking habits, marital status, child preference, number of your church visits, etc.
  4. Then, you need to enter your name and birthday. Next, you need to put your username and password. Your username will be visible to all members. Lastly, you have to describe yourself and your personality.
  5. Your profile is ready. You can also upgrade your profile as per your wish.
  • Christian Mingle is the #1 platform for Christian marriages worldwide, with 60,000 sign-ups per month. It has the highest number of Christian singles. 

The members are within the age range of 25-54 and receive around 11 million monthly hits from members. Out of those 11 million members, 1.8 million of them are unique visitors. Christian Mingle conducted an online dating survey talking to people who found love through this site. Through a survey, we found that 29% of the members found their partner through Christian Mingle.


Christian Mingle Reviews is the most popular website and also very cost-effective. It respects your values and faith and guides you in your journey to find your perfect partner. It is the one-stop destination that fixes all your hassle in your quest for love!


Is Christian Mingle free to use?

Yes. Christian Mingle is free to use. However, you need to buy a membership to chat.

Do you need to be Christian to join Christian Mingle?

Yes, you need to be Christian to join Christian Mingle.

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