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Buttercloth Review

Buttercloth offers men’s dress shirts that feel like T-shirts while remaining professional in appearance for business casual settings. Their Long Beach location also boasts a selection of other clothing essentials, recently making a deal with Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec.

Their shirts are luxuriously soft, perfect for creating the intelligent casual aesthetic. Breathable and offering a six-way stretch for enhanced comfort, their prices are highly competitive, with money-back guarantees provided as an assurance against disappointment.

Product Description

Long Beach designer Danh Tran founded Buttercloth to find an equilibrium between comfort and style. Their soft yet durable dress shirts don’t feel bulky or stiff like most others on the market; rather they utilize a unique long-fiber cotton blend which feels incredibly soft while remaining firm enough for regular use.

After appearing on Shark Tank season 10, Tran’s company experienced an exponential rise in sales. He successfully sealed a deal with Robert Herjavec, another immigrant entrepreneur, for $250,000 in exchange for a 25% ownership stake in their business, which allowed Tran to expand further and diversify product offerings. Since then, their growth and expansion have continued unabated.

Buttercloth may be relatively new, but its innovative clothing lines have made quite an impression. Icy Cotton has been explicitly designed to offer cooling effects during hotter weather. At the same time, their clothing line also includes T-shirts, polos, outerwear, and underwear – be sure to consult their website first for shipping details and policies before placing an order!

Danh Tran is a Vietnamese immigrant who settled in California, where he pursued his passion for fashion design. After studying it at Otis College and working for Mattel before founding Buttercloth, he sold his home and cashed in his 401K funds to launch the business in a garage with four people but soon saw profitability come his way.

Buttercloth’s business casual Friday shirts can be an affordable solution, yet their prices may be prohibitive for some buyers. But the company offers free returns for orders of $135 or more; this feature helps ease customer uncertainty about their purchase decision and adds credibility – plus notable business people and celebrities are backing this venture!

Customer service

Buttercloth specializes in producing comfortable dress shirts made of breathable materials that are airy. Their website also provides helpful size and fit charts for each item to make finding your ideal shirt easy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days without incurring a restocking fee; all orders over $95. Plus, they offer free shipping.

Buttercloth was established by Danh Tran in 2017, who began his professional life working at his family tailor shop in Vietnam before moving to California and following his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Started designing outfits for Barbies at Mattel before joining Affliction Clothing as lead designer. Finally, pursuing his ambition of creating his own clothing company called Buttercloth.

Buttercloth has experienced tremendous success since its founding after appearing on Shark Tank and winning Robert Herjavec’s investment for a 25% equity stake. Their pitch focused on their claim of creating the world’s softest shirts using a unique blend of fabric that mimics more closely that found on T-shirts than cotton fabrics – which ultimately secured them an agreement from him!

Buttercloth provides a comprehensive range of apparel beyond its renowned shirts, including hats, outerwear, polos, face masks, and sweaters. Their customer service is outstanding: emails are responded to quickly while phone calls are answered promptly – they even offer live chat support!

Buttercloth offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its merchandise, giving customers peace of mind when making their purchases. Their refund policy is simple and transparent. Plus, customers who spend over $135 have access to a free exchange program allowing them to try on different styles if one doesn’t suit them.

This company stands out in the industry due to its groundbreaking and cutting-edge approach to shirt design. Their products are breathable, wrinkle-free, and affordable – not to mention highly durable fabrics that back their products up with sustainable resources. Furthermore, reputable investors support them, which helps build customer trust in the brand.


Butter Cloth is an online e-shop offering high-quality men’s shirts made of cotton fiber for all seasons and occasions. Their softest cotton fiber shirts boast multiple color options and patterns designed for all seasons and events; whether casual or dress shirts are desired – there is something here for every taste and occasion! Plus, they offer free shipping when orders are over $95, fast shipping returns, and prompt customer support service!

Danh Tran founded Butter Cloth, an ultra-soft dress shirt company for men. Though relatively young, they earned $500,000 in sales within two days after appearing on Shark Tank! However, their challenges include high customer acquisition costs of $40 each customer gained, and they wanted one of the Sharks to assist them in decreasing these costs; unfortunately, Mark Cuban could not invest due to financial circumstances, while Charles Barkley declined due to conflicts of interests.

Robert Herjavec was willing to accept this challenge, offering $250,000 for 25% equity of their company – much higher than their initial request of 10% equity. Furthermore, he provided valuable support and resources that allowed it to flourish.

Herjavec’s investment proved to be an incredible boon to the company. They have expanded their product offering and increased profitability significantly while continuing to develop new ones – like creating 29 percent mint-infused fabric to help cool wearers on a hot day!

This company sells its products online and in physical stores nationwide and offers mobile shopping through a mobile app. Furthermore, their website fully integrates social media platforms for easy customer access, using Google Smart Shopping Campaigns to drive conversions and optimize advertising spend.


Buttercloth is an online store offering men’s clothing ranging from casual dress shirts and suits to suits made of comfortable cotton fiber. Their products have various colors and patterns and discounted sales with free shipping for over $125 orders.

Danh Tran is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to America to create stylish yet comfortable dress shirts. To start his business venture, he cashed out his 401K and sold his house; after appearing on Shark Tank, he secured $250,000 in exchange for 25% ownership of the business.

Buttercloth may be new, but they have already won customers over with their product and social media presence. Customers have given positive reviews across platforms like Facebook and Instagram, while some negative remarks exist due to the high pricing of their shirts.

While Buttercloth shirts may seem pricey, their quality makes up for it. Furthermore, the company is known for its exceptional customer service – customers can return them free within 30 days and also enjoy free shipping on US and international orders over $135.

Customers purchasing Buttercloth shirts should visit their company’s website and learn about their policies and pricing. The website is user-friendly, with accessible navigation features that include a customer support helpline available via phone and email and multiple payment methods such as PayPal.

Apart from offering an impressive selection of shirts, the company also provides polos, outerwear or underwear, and face masks. If you want to save money and ensure timely deliveries, sign up for their membership program for free delivery on all your orders!

The website includes a contact form where customers can submit questions and feedback directly, keep up with any news or updates as they come out, or use it to request a refund should something go amiss during their purchase experience.