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Bellelily Clothes Review

Bellelily is an online fashion shop providing stylish yet affordable women’s clothing crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Bellelily also provides accessories and home decor items.

However, some customers have lodged complaints against Bellelily’s clothing due to the poor quality and have issues with its return policy.


Bellelily offers fashionable apparel at great prices on a budget. Their prices are more than affordable, and there is something suitable for every event. Additionally, their website is easy to navigate and provides many convenient shopping options; however, concerns have been raised over product quality, ranging from poor-quality items to difficulty with returns/refunds.

Belle Lily is an online store specializing in women’s clothing and accessories, from trendy rompers and swimwear to casual tees, jeans, shoes, jewelry, and other products. Established in 2015 and located in Yiwu, China, its product offerings span everything from trendy floral prints, striped fits, gradients, and lace patterns – with everything from trendy rompers and swimwear to everyday casual wear available for sale at competitive prices.

Bellelily’s reviews tend to be positive, and many customers have become repeat buyers as they appreciate its selection of fashionable yet budget-friendly styles and prompt shipping time. Some shoppers have expressed frustration over sizing issues; therefore, shoppers must double-check measurements before placing their orders.

Bellelily clothing reviews have highlighted numerous issues related to poor construction, defective material, and wrong sizes. After reporting their concerns regarding these problems, some customers received refunds, while others had to pay out-of-pocket for damaged products.

Bellelily has received many complaints for their inability to offer refunds when items arrive that are found defective or do not match up to the description, especially regarding their return policy – it does not specify whether returns should be sent back directly or to China, creating difficulty for those trying to return a product.

Bellelily has come under scrutiny for being opaque regarding its business practices, with customers reporting being offered higher refunds in exchange for deleting negative Bellelily reviews.


Bellelily provides women’s clothing at reasonable prices. Based in China and shipping globally, their products use eco-friendly materials and feature the latest fashion trends like vacation styles, floral prints, striped fits, gradients, and lace, and offer casual summer outfits and formal attire suitable for special events.

Bellelily customers have consistently expressed satisfaction with their purchases from Bellelily. Customers appreciate its competitive prices, fast shipping times, and wide selection of sizes – many have even used Bellelily as an easy shopping platform with mobile-friendly functionality so shoppers can purchase on the go.

Belle Lily reviews are generally positive; however, some customers have had less-than-stellar experiences. Many customers have voiced complaints regarding poor construction, defective material, wrong sizing, and their nonexistent return policy – this presents difficulties in finding replacement items or refunds should something not meet consumer needs.

Bellelily has enhanced customer satisfaction by improving response times and customer communication. They have also implemented a process to ensure all orders are shipped correctly. While these measures have increased customer satisfaction overall, some complaints still exist.

Bellelily customers have frequently expressed frustration over its lack of a returns policy, which can present significant obstacles when products don’t match up to descriptions or photos. Some customers even reported their packages never arrived, and one woman stated it took three months to get her order!

Bellelily is an established online store offering clothing and accessories tailored to women. Their mission is to provide top-quality items at reasonable prices. At the same time, their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful, helping select items appropriate to your wardrobe while providing information regarding quality, shipping times, etc.

Customer Service

Bellelily is an online fashion store offering trendy pieces at competitive prices. Their website showcases clothing for women and men and home decor pieces; customers can also find accessories like scarves, hats, and jewelry here. Based in China with international shipping capabilities – their website’s search bar makes finding items quick.

Complaints about this company usually revolve around its returns and refund policy, with many users noting there is no explicit return policy and often having to cover return shipping costs themselves. Furthermore, refunds usually take some time before appearing in customers’ accounts.

Belle Lily products have also caused customers to experience quality issues they claim have not been resolved through customer service representatives assistance, prompting some to seek legal action against Belle Lily.

Even with negative reviews, some customers remain satisfied with their purchases from this online store. Customers claim the clothes are high quality while remaining very affordable compared to other online stores. Furthermore, this site offers an impressive selection of styles and colors.

However, positive reviews do not seem enough to offset negative ones. Many customers are dissatisfied with the quality and difficulty in returning online clothes; others claim they never even received their order(s).

Some of Belle Lily’s customers have reported issues related to shipping. One customer who ordered 28 items claims that only one was delivered, while 26 never arrived. When she tried contacting customer service for refunds on these 26 items, Belle Lily told her the only way would be for her to ship them back and refused to provide tracking details for these 26. This issue must be rectified as soon as possible by Belle Lily.

Return Policy

An ideal online fashion store must provide a hassle-free return policy, making this policy clear on its website and easy to comprehend. Unfortunately, Belle Lily does not do this sufficiently: only offering seven days return window and needing approval by their customer service team for returns, making refunds difficult and discouraging some from placing orders altogether.

Customers who write cheerful Belle Lily reviews often praise its competitive prices and trendy styles while noting the size may run small; to ensure maximum comfort, they suggest ordering up one size from what was purchased initially. They also note how helpful customer service can be in resolving any issues they experience with their orders.

Negative Bellelily reviews tend not to be positive. Customers have frequently complained about the quality of clothing offered on Bellelily and difficulties returning it, with delayed shipments and unresponsive customer service reported by some customers. Others have reported finding Bellelily an outright scam; one woman claimed she only ever received one item after placing 26 orders with them and having filed claims through Paypal for them all that never arrived!

Some customers have noted that their return shipping address is in China, increasing return costs significantly. Unfortunately, this fact isn’t made clear on the company website, and many are unaware of it until they try to return an item.

BerryLook, a China-based fashion website offering dresses, shoes, and swimwear at more affordable prices, is another similar platform with an excellent return policy that provides identical clothing styles as Bellelily. Customers who have successfully used BerryLook often report lower prices than Bellelily and great options for women seeking clothing within a specific price range.