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Best Gastroenterologists in Allahabad

Gastroenterologists specialize in treating stomach, intestines, esophagus, and liver diseases. In addition, they can treat ulcers, hepatitis C, polyps or growths, jaundice, hemorrhoids, bloody stools, pancreatitis, colon cancer, and constipation.

They undergo ten years of specialized training, which includes medical school, a doctorate in medicine, and fellowship training in gastroenterology. With these credentials, they can perform diagnostic and remedial tests such as colonoscopy, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and liver biopsy.

Dr. Alok Mishra

Dr. Alok Mishra, MBBS, MD (medicine), DM (Gastroenterology), is one of Allahabad’s premier gastroenterologists with more than 25 years of experience as a consultant.

He is employed at Phoenix Hospital, 49/163A Jawaharlal Nehru Rd in Tagore Town, Prayagraj. With extensive expertise and experience in treating major and minor gastroenterology diseases, Dr. Joshi has earned himself a place of honor within the community.

His primary services include abdomen pain treatment, chronic pancreatitis treatment, endoscopy test, fatty liver treatment, and gastric trouble treatment. He is available 24/7 to address your gastrointestinal problems.

He has been an esteemed gastroenterologist treating patients across the city for over ten years. With an impressive clinical and research background, he is currently a senior consultant at Phoenix Hospital and a British Association of Gastroenterology member. He hasIn addition, in earned numerous awards for his work in cancer research, stem cell therapy, and tissue engineering for wound healing.

Dr. Kirti Kumar

If you are experiencing stomach discomfort or your digestion is slow, then it’s time to visit a gastroenterologist. They will perform specific tests to accurately diagnose the condition and create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Gastroenterologists treat digestive conditions and disorders such as gastrointestinal ulcers, gastritis, stomach pain, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or Crohn’s disease. They may also take X-rays and perform biopsies for further diagnosis.

Dr. Kirti Kumar, one of Allahabad’s premier gastroenterologists, is a medical doctor dedicated to his patients. He provides world-class facilities at reasonable consultation fees.

He is an accomplished gastroenterologist who has been practicing for over 37 years. He has extensive expertise in treating significant and minor gastroenterology diseases such as abdomen pain, fatty liver, gallbladder cancer, hemangioma liver, hemorrhoid banding, etc. In addition, he has expertise in specialized procedures like ERCP, barium swallow or enema, and fiber endoscopy.

Dr. Waliullah Siddiqui

Gastroenterologists treat gastrointestinal conditions like heartburn, stomach cancer, and digestive disorders. To confirm a diagnosis and provide patients with the best treatment option, they conduct various tests to prove it.

Dr. Waliullah Siddiqui is one of Allahabad’s top gastroenterologists and has 18 years of experience in his field. He also holds a Royal College of Surgeons in England (MRCS) membership.

He holds an MBBS with Honour from Moti Lal Nehru Medical College in Allahabad and MS (Surgery) from VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi, Kerala. Additionally, he has completed a superspecialization in gastrointestinal surgery and liver transplant from VPS Lakeshore Hospital.

He has extensive expertise in GI surgeries, such as colon and rectal surgeries, biliary surgery, appendix surgery, Nissen fundoplication, and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Additionally, he performs other procedures like adrenalectomy to remove growths on the adrenal glands. His clinic Gastrocare serves all your GI requirements from Civil Lines in Allahabad.

Dr. Anshuman Pandey

Gastroenterologists are medical specialists who treat digestive disorders. They diagnose and treat conditions like ulcers, stomach pain, and constipation.

He is a medical expert and has helped countless patients. A dedicated physician, he strives to provide his patients with the highest quality of care.

As a general surgeon, he is highly esteemed within the medical community. He earned his MBBS from King George’s Medical College and an MS in General Surgery.

He is an esteemed gastroenterologist who has helped many patients overcome complicated illnesses. Additionally, he is a skilled practitioner of Ayurvedic homeopathic medicine, having graduated from a renowned homeopathic medical school and being a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).


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