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Are Wood-Burning Stoves Worth the Cost?

Are Wood-Burning Stoves Worth the Cost?

As fossil fuel prices rise across America—and indeed, much of the world—more and more people are turning to firewood to heat their homes, their water, and cook their food.

Wood is usually cheaper than electricity or gas and, in some cases, can even be sourced by the homeowner on their property or that of a neighbor.

Of course, to take advantage of this renewable, natural resource, you either need a working fireplace in your home or purchase one of the many wood-burning stoves available today. Read on to find out if this ancient heater-and-cooker-in-one is worth the investment?

Efficient Heating

Before you buy a wood-burning stove, research how efficient this type of heating system is.

You’ll find that these fireplaces warm an area faster and for less money than a traditional vented heating system powered by electricity or gas. In fact, the EPA guarantees you’ll save at least 50 percent on your energy needs if you go with one of their approved models.

Install One Anywhere

When it comes to what to know about wood-burning stoves, their flexibility tops the list of benefits. All you need is:

  • A spare corner or wall
  • Some clever, heat-proof tiling
  • Somewhere to install a vent or chimney flue to the outside

Then, you have the perfect spot for this appliance.

Of course, you also need somewhere to keep your firewood dry. If you don’t have storage space for wood, consider pellet stove advantages instead.

Freedom From Energy Bills

When it comes to alternatives to wood-burning stoves, you’re pretty much only looking at fossil fuels: natural gas, electricity, and propane. Of course, these energy products are all finite resources, and thus, their price rises constantly.

Renewable resources like wood and solar offer the chance to get off the grid and reduce your energy bills. But while the initial layout for solar installation is steep, purchasing a wood-burning stove will set you back only a few thousand dollars.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood-burning stove installation isn’t just a practical consideration. There’s much to be said for the homeliness of a crackling fireplace. There are few things better than cozying up around a warm fire on a cold night—playing board games with the family or reading a book with a mug of warm cocoa in hand.

And not only are the models themselves stylishly designed, but you can also get creative with the design of the heat-proof hearth that surrounds your stove.

Useful in Emergencies

No matter the wood-burning stove cost, you’ll be eternally grateful for this off-grid heating source when the power goes off in the dead of winter. And sadly, power outages are increasingly commonplace in the USA.

Not only will the stove keep you warm and provide a source of light at night, but you can also use it for cooking your food, helping you use up all that fridge and freezer food before it spoils.

Wood-Burning Stoves Work for Many Homes

Whether wood-burning stoves are the right choice for your home or budget will depend on many factors. These include the cost of firewood, the ability to harvest wood on your own, time spent in the house (fires need to be stoked), whether or not you have young children or pets in the home, and the money you have available to purchase the stove and associated tools.

For more helpful, cost-saving homeowner advice, browse the other articles on our website.

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