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Aging Butchered Steakhouse Menu

Aging, butchering, and cutting-edge carnivorous vision are the foundation of this avant-garde steakhouse. The menu features Premium and Dry Aged cuts curated by Chef Andri. An interactive and festive ambience complements the avant-garde carnivorous vision.

Chef Andri’s avant-garde carnivorous vision

With AGED+BUTCHERED, Chef Andri has created an interactive, exclusive atmosphere with premium and Dry Aged cuts. In this interactive and complete dining experience, diners can interact with the chefs and each other while enjoying their food.

Hawksmoor’s two most affordable steaks

Hawksmoor’s two most affordable aged-butchered steaks are excellent value for money. Both of these steaks are aged 35 days and have a reputation for being some of the best in London. The dry-aged rump roast, charcoal-charred, and the succulent lamb T-bones, dotted with capers, are available for under $30.

Steak is a classic American form of luxury, but prices have soared in recent years. The national average steak has risen 17 per cent since last year, and a single cut can cost more than $100 before tax and tip. That’s why restaurants offer more minor, cheaper scratches to stand out.

Hawksmoor’s two most affordable aged steaks are rump and porterhouse. The restaurant’s two aged steaks are served on a carved marble board and perfectly combine a high-quality steak and an affordable price. Compared to other London steakhouses, these prices are excellent value.

Citizen Rail’s charcuterie program

Citizen Rail, a new restaurant opening behind Union Station in Denver, features a wood-fired grill and is inspired by the trains that run through the city. The menu is comprised of house-butchered cuts and aged meats. The restaurant will also feature locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

The menu highlights proteins from around the country, such as wild venison from Texas and tender Sonoma ducks. There are also hand-cut venison steaks and smoked meats. The restaurant has a separate dry-aging room for the hearts and offers Colorado lamb and pasture-raised beef. The interior features a modern design with clean lines and inviting windows.

The White Buffalo Club’s speakeasy atmosphere

The White Buffalo Club is a speakeasy-style steakhouse with a casual atmosphere that serves USDA prime steaks and local fare with potent cocktails and wines. The menu is focused on steaks, but you can also order local food and seafood.

The steakhouse menu is renowned for its tender and aged cuts. The White Buffalo Club’s dining room has an old-world Chicago ambience, with large angled mirrors and fine gallery art. Its bar has 1,100 bottles of vintage wines and an extensive list of locally brewed beer. The restaurant’s menu features top-two per cent USDA Prime steaks and includes progressive salads and family sides.

The Porterhouse steak is the best in the country. The steak is dry-aged on the premises and is tender and rich in marbling. The steak is served with house steak sauce, tomato and onion. The steakhouse menu also features a few other classic cuts of beef.