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A Guide to Summer Lawn Maintenance

A Guide to Summer Lawn Maintenance

Around 78% of Americans have a home with a lawn, but a significantly smaller number of people know how to look after their lawn correctly.

Your lawn is an extension of your home and is often someone’s first impression when they visit. Although everyone wants a healthy, luscious summer lawn, not everyone achieves it.

Do you want your lawn to stand out from the rest and make all your neighbors jealous? If so, it’s time to learn about correct summer lawn maintenance!

Read on to find out more.

Early Summer

One of the best lawn care tricks is to start early. You need to get out there as soon as temperatures begin to rise. Start mowing high to encourage grass root growth and heat tolerance, and make sure your mower’s blades are sharp.

Then, take a grass fertilizer and apply it carefully, treat for pests, and eradicate any weeds. Ideally, you need to target weeds before they become established while not damaging your grass.

This is a delicate task; too much product can kill your lawn. If you need assistance, can ensure your lawn care is completed professionally.


By mid-summer, your lawn should be flourishing and thriving. However, with high temperatures also comes the risk of depleted soil. You may notice your grass is yellow and dying.

You can stop this by watering your lawn once or twice a week. Instead of watering more frequently, focus on deep watering. Don’t be afraid to soak it; you want the water to penetrate at least 6 inches deep.

However, if you’re experiencing a local drought that restricts your water usage, it’s best to seek advice from professional lawn care services on how to maintain a healthy summer lawn.

If the grass still looks stressed from heat despite watering it plentifully, feed it with grass food (you can buy this from any local garden store or get guidance from any lawn care professional).

Late Summer

Finally, as temperatures start to cool, you can look at preparing your lawn for the colder months. Keep up with watering and weeding, but also consider aerating and overseeding the lawn.

If you’re doing any backyard maintenance, also invest in a core aerator. This will break up any compacted soil in the ground and allow grass roots to access the air and nutrients it needs.

Finally, address any thinning patches by overseeding your lawn (this is exactly what it sounds like). Add extra seeds over your existing grass and let your lawn grow thick and plentiful.

Summer Lawn Maintenance Made Simple

With these lawn care tips, you’re well equipped to begin nurturing your green space. Remember, summer lawn care is an ongoing task – it’s often easiest to hire professional services to help you create the perfect green space.

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