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8 Common House Renovation Mistakes to Avoid Before Selling

8 Common House Renovation Mistakes to Avoid Before Selling

Did you know that a kitchen renovation can provide a 74% return on investment? While an updated kitchen is a great selling point, not every home renovation choice pays off as well. And if you make the wrong move with a sledgehammer or choose the wrong paint color, you may wind up turning away potential buyers.

Stick around to learn about the 8 common house renovation mistakes to avoid before selling!

1. Renovating on a Tight Timeline

Delays are inevitable when you’re doing construction work. That’s why it’s smart to budget enough time — and then some — for any renovation projects. Ideally, all projects should be finished before advertising houses for sale.

The last thing you want is for interested buyers to be walking through a construction site. They might assume they’ll be responsible for completing unfinished projects. And they may question your financial stability as a seller if they see a partially gutted bathroom.

2. Straying from a Budget

Be realistic about what you’re willing to spend before jumping into renovations. When selling houses quickly is your top priority, you might not need to spend much on updates. Simple cosmetic changes, like painting walls or removing bulky furniture, can make a difference.

Create a house renovation budget that details all costs. Determine your priority areas, such as scratched kitchen counters or scuffed wood floors. And consult with a real estate agent for their recommendations.

3. Going with the Least Expensive Contractor

It might be tempting to accept the cheapest estimate for any work you’re hoping to do to your house. But be wary of doing this! A less expensive contractor may lack the experience and access to a stable workforce to get the job done.

Instead, add value to your home by opting for professionals with experience and strong referrals. Get an itemized contract detailing individual labor and material costs. Ask to see a portfolio of other remodeling projects in your area, too.

And ask about warranties and guarantees in case you have leaks or issues with the renovation. You want to be sure that your contractor will address problems promptly!

4. Painting with Intense Colors

Potential house buyers will want to envision themselves in your home. So, when you’re looking to refresh your walls, steer clear of bold and loud colors. Dramatic colors might make you happy — but they won’t have universal appeal.

Even if you like the thought of tangerine walls in your dining room, save it for your next home. When you’re planning to sell, stick with neutrals. Gray, beige, or fresh white are all safe bets to revive a stale wall in any room.

5. Choosing the Priciest Kitchen Materials

Yes, quality does matter when you’re hoping to impress a potential buyer. But if you go overboard, you won’t get the investment return you want. Make a point of researching home values in your area and talking with a real estate agent for suggestions on a maximum investment price.

You don’t want to pour $30,000 into a kitchen makeover if your home is worth under $200,000. Don’t spring for the best appliances or top-of-the-line tile floors. Plus, the bigger your renovation is, the bigger the chance is that it will run over its timeline.

Keep your remodel materials within a budget you determine on the front end. After all, the next owner might have different tastes and want to rip everything out anyway.

6. Skipping the Outdoor Spaces

While what’s inside your home does indeed count, don’t neglect the outdoor spaces. Curb appeal is key if you want to make a good first impression. This means painting or replacing worn siding, updating your roof, and tending to your greenery.

Trim your hedges, add mulch, and place some potted plants on your front stoop. Paint your deck with an opaque stain to breathe new life into it. And fix any severe cracks in your driveway.

Indoor and outdoor renovations should complement each other, too. In other words, don’t switch to a Nordic-inspired modernist vibe inside and then put up country-inspired shutters and gables outside. Keep things consistent!

7. Bypassing the Necessary Permits

Are you hoping to add a bedroom or a fence? Don’t just start digging without contacting your local officials first. You probably will need to get permits for any additions you add.

And if you hire a professional contractor, ensure that they have permits, insurance, and licensing before they get to work. Otherwise, you set yourself up for bad situations. You could be liable for costs resulting from accidents or construction projects that are not permitted.

Along the same lines, don’t forget to take the right safety precautions if you’re doing a renovation yourself. This means shutting off electrical breakers, as well as wearing goggles and hard hats.

8. Installing New Floors Right Away

You may be eager to replace your stale laminate floors with some bamboo planks. But don’t do that part of the renovation first. One of the biggest blunders you can make is installing pristine new floors when there are other renovation projects on the horizon.

For instance, if you’re going to repaint a living room, you risk dripping paint on beautifully refinished hardwoods or new carpet. Or, if you install new vinyl planks, you risk scratching them as you haul old appliances out of the house. Save the floors for the end!

Avoid Common House Renovation Mistakes

When you’re aware of common house renovation mistakes, you can avoid unwise expenses before listing your home. Focus on setting a budget and finding a reputable contractor. And stay away from choosing highly personalized colors or high-end appliances that may not add value to the home.

Need more tips to make your home more marketable? Check back soon for new articles.

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