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6 Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

6 Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

Nobody appreciates the value of their home more than you do. And for it to stay that way, proper maintenance is vital.

Determining when it’s time for siding replacement is a dilemma for many homeowners. Inspecting your home’s exterior is an investment that’s hardly worth making.

Worse still, ignoring home maintenance puts you at risk of acquiring mold and mildew which is a hazard to your family’s health.

So, when is it time to repair or replace your siding. We’ll break down some of the most common signs in this guide.

1. Cracks, Holes, or Gaps in Your Siding

Not only is this unappealing, but it can also lead to bigger problems down the road. Cracks, holes, and gaps can provide an entry point for water and pests, which can cause even more damage to your home. If you notice any of these issues, it is best to consult with a professional to determine if a replacement is necessary.

2. Peeling, Fading, or Blistering Paint

Siding is an important part of your home’s exterior and it needs to be in good condition to protect your home from the elements. If you ignore these signs, your siding will continue to deteriorate and it could lead to structural damage.

If you’re not sure whether you need a new siding, it’s always best to consult with a professional.

3. Rotting Oryx Wood

It’s no secret that water and wood don’t mix. Wood that is starting to rot is one of the first signs that you may need to replace siding.

Yet, if the rot has spread too far, you’ll need to replace the affected boards. Other signs that you may need to replace your siding include cracks, holes, and peeling paint.

4. Mildew or Mold Growth

This is because the growth is a result of moisture being trapped in the siding, which can lead to rot and other damage. If you see any mold or mildew, be sure to have a professional inspect your siding to see if a replacement is necessary.

5. Insect Infestation

One sign is if you see insects or other pests entering your home through gaps in the siding. Another sign is if you see damage to the siding itself, such as holes or chew marks.

6. Water Damage

Water damage can occur from a variety of sources, including rain, snow, and condensation. If you see any stains, warping, or rotting, it’s time to replace your siding.

And if your siding is peeling or chipping, it’s not doing its job of protecting your home from the elements.

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Siding Replacement is Among the Home Maintenance Essentials

If your home’s siding is cracked, peeling, or otherwise damaged, it may be time for a replacement. A professional siding contractor can assess the condition of your siding and recommend the best course of action. In many cases, a siding replacement can improve the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home.

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