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6 Common Bottle Feeding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Bottle Feeding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every parent wants to do what’s best for their child to be well-fed and healthy. You’ve read all the parenting books and done everything by the book.

Yet, no matter how hard you try, you may still make a mistake from time to time if you aren’t careful. It’s completely understandable, especially when you’re busy taking care of your little one.

Having sterilized bottles and ensuring your baby gets enough nutrition is non-negotiable, though. Discover how to avoid some common bottle feeding mistakes parents make in this article!

You Don’t Sterilize Your Baby’s Bottles

Before feeding your baby, always double-check to ensure the bottle is completely spotless.

Since babies’ immune systems are still sensitive to their environment, any runaway germs or bacteria in their bottles can easily make them sick. This is especially true when they’re under three months old or have a weak immune system.

Play it safe and make it a habit to sterilize every new bottle before use. Always clean baby bottles thoroughly before and after each feed.

Not Giving Your Baby The Right Amount of Formula

Many parents worry more about cold milk for babies than giving them the exact formula they require to be healthy.

Depending on your child’s age, health, and digestive system, there are many formula options and specific steps to give your baby based on what their needs are.

Not Burping Your Baby After Each Meal

As tedious as it is at times, you need to burp your child after every single meal.

A baby’s digestive system is still developing, so it’s easy for gas bubbles to remain trapped. This can make your little one have a tummy ache if you don’t burp them consistently.

Reusing Old Formula For the Next Meal

While it’s tempting to save and keep your baby’s old formula and mix it with the fresh one, your baby’s stomach might not handle it.

As previously mentioned, your baby’s immune system is more vulnerable. Your baby may get sick if you give them old milk, so throw away any unfinished formula after every meal.

Not Having A Consistent Feed Schedule

Hearing your baby cry can be distressing as a parent, but feeding them every time they cry can make them even more uncomfortable.

If they’ve already been fed well, chances are they’re not crying out of hunger. Always tune in to your little one and find ways to help them relax before making the new bottle.

Using Tap Water For Your Baby’s Formula

Whenever you decide to use tap water without boiling it first, you’re putting your baby’s health at risk. This is especially true if you’re located in a city where the water isn’t safe.

Always use boiled or purified water before mixing it with your baby’s formula to ensure their safety.

Avoiding Common Bottle Feeding Mistakes Keeps Babies Safe

Feeding your baby should be a joyful experience for parents and their little ones.

Despite this, there are still a lot of mistakes you can make when it comes to bottle feeding. But as long as you follow this guide, you won’t have any problems feeding your baby!

Want to learn more tips to keep your baby happy and healthy? Check out our blog for more information!

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