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5 Strategies to Improve Operations at a Remote Business

5 Strategies to Improve Operations at a Remote Business

Around 77% of remote workers say they are more productive when they are working from home. There are lots of pros to running a remote business and this is a big one.

But that doesn’t mean to say that your remote business is always productive. And if you’re transitioning from the office or running a remote start-up, there are lots of things you can do to improve operations.

Not sure what they are? Here are some of the best strategies and business tools you can use to make your remote company more efficient.

1. Streamline Your Software and Systems

There are so many apps and programs you can use for remote work these days which is awesome. But if your remote team isn’t using the same ones then it’s so difficult to collaborate. Productivity will suffer as will employee morale.

Simplify your workflow by selecting one suite of tools for your communication and cloud service needs. Here are some options:

  • Google Workspace
  • Office 365
  • Rackspace
  • Zoho

It doesn’t matter which you choose for your remote business. As long as everyone is singing from the same hymn book (so to speak), your workflow will be much smoother.

2. Set Communication Guidelines

It’s vital that nothing gets lost in translation when you have projects to deliver. But it’s easier for this to happen in a remote business so you need to create clear communication guidelines.

Your guidelines could look something like this:

  • Instant messaging for general chit chat
  • Video calls for brainstorming and initial ideas
  • Emails for details and deadlines

If you do this, then there will always be a digital paper trail for important information.

3. Allow as Much Flexibility as Possible

One of the best ways to improve the productivity of your remote workers is to let them work during their most productive hours. As long as you don’t run a customer service business, this should be doable.

Your team can still “clock in” using software but they are more likely to produce better work.

4. Improve Training Opportunities

When you’re a remote worker, you cannot take your laptop to the tech department when something is wrong. You can’t ask a coworker to show you how to find a tool on Adobe Photoshop or use the HR software.

That’s why you should create comprehensive training documents on all your systems. Your employees should feel confident using all the tools they need to do their job and troubleshoot issues by themselves.

5. Audit Your Current Business Operations

Have you done everything you can to improve operations but you still have a few kinks to iron out? Not sure where to go from here?

Then you might need to seek help from an outside source to solve these problems. Read more about remote company assessments here.

Run Your Remote Business Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Choosing a remote business over an office-based one could mean it is more profitable and sustainable. Plus, your employees could be happier. And now you know how to improve the operations in your business, it will be more productive too.

Running any business, including a remote company, demands many skills. Browse our business and finance articles to continue your entrepreneurial education!

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