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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

Did you know there is a one in three chance that you will get into a car crash or accident involving alcohol in your lifetime? Although it is common to drive buzzed, you may suffer the consequences if you are caught over the legal alcohol limit.

Have you ever wondered how a DUI lawyer can benefit you if you are charged with driving under the influence? Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an attorney to help you out with your DUI charge.

1. Get Out of Jail Quickly

When you are arrested for a DUI, the last thing you want to do is stay in jail until you have an arraignment hearing. Getting a DUI attorney will help you to quickly have your bail paid and get back to the comfort of your own home.

Your DUI lawyer can make sure that you are rested and ready for arraignment and sentencing without spending too much time in jail.

2. Decide Whether to Plead

A DUI attorney can give you advice on whether or not to plead guilty. Sometimes, pleading can lead to a reduced sentence or punishment for your crimes.

Find here to learn more about whether a DUI lawyer can help you out with pleading or standing trial for your DUI charge.

3. Navigate Complex DUI Laws

The laws for driving under the influence are different in every state, so it can be complicated to figure out which laws to challenge. The best attorney will know the laws and try to find loopholes so you can get off on a lighter sentence.

They will do the necessary legal research to determine which arguments and case precedents will work best in a courtroom to persuade a judge of your innocence.

4. An Advocate in the Courtroom

Although it is expensive to hire a lawyer, it can be more beneficial for you than a court-assigned attorney. These attorneys are often overworked, underpaid, and do not have the resources to argue for you effectively.

A good DUI attorney can stand up for you in the courtroom, whether it is your character or your previous driving record.

5. Bargain With Prosecutors

Even if you are considered guilty of a DUI offense, you can still find ways to reduce your sentence. For example, if other people were involved in the incident, your DUI lawyer may be able to strike a deal with prosecutors.

Usually, these deals involve providing information or testifying against other guilty people for a reduced sentence or scrapping charges. This is known as a plea bargain.

Consider a DUI Lawyer Today

If you end up with a DUI, then you should not feel overwhelmed or scared. With a DUI lawyer, you can get through the process and ensure that you drive clean in the future.

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