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5 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

5 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

The internet is a dangerous place. One survey from 2021 found that 86.2% of surveyed businesses were victims of successful cyberattacks. Some successful attacks can cost companies millions of dollars, and they can damage your business’ reputation as well.

The situation is dire, but protecting a business isn’t hard. What can you do against the growing threat of cyberattacks? Here are five cybersecurity tips that can keep you and your business safe!

1. Train Employees

Preventing cyberattacks begins with well-informed employees. Most cyberattacks succeed because of human error. Clicking the wrong link, downloading the wrong file, and careless password management are all examples of common mistakes.

Include cybersecurity as part of your regular employee training. Also, experts recommend holding brief cybersecurity training sessions every three to six months. This way, employees can stay up to speed on the latest threats and online security defenses.

2. Password Protection

The importance of a strong password is already common knowledge, but did you know that the addition of multi-factor authentication can block most automated attacks?

In addition to using multi-factor authentication, apply these password tips:

  • Don’t use dictionary words
  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Don’t reuse passwords
  • Make passwords long and complex
  • Change passwords often
  • Don’t share your password with anyone

3. Secure Network

Your Wi-Fi network could be a wide-open door for cybercriminals. Securing a business Wi-Fi network is a two-step process: first, change the name and password of your router, then encrypt the network as much as you can. Currently, the highest available encryption is Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, or WPA3.

Another way to secure your network is to use VPNs. This allows employees to securely access the network when they are out of the office. VPNs are also an extra buffer against cyberattacks because they encrypt data.

4. Stay Updated

System updates are important for more than the health of your devices. They often include security patches to keep you protected against the latest cybercrime trends.

When that update popup interrupts your workflow, it’s best to take the opportunity for a coffee break and install the updates. Otherwise, you open up huge vulnerabilities in your defense. Make sure your operating system as well as your installed software—especially your antivirus software—all remain up to date.

5. Regular Backups

Ransomware attacks target your data. They encrypt your files and demand money to release them. If you back up your data, you can reset an infected computer and restore everything you lost without a hitch.

You should back up data at least once a week, but preferably every twenty-four hours. Some software will do this automatically. You can also get help from IT support companies like

Use These Cybersecurity Tips Now

A cyberattack could leave your business in shambles. You can secure your company by upgrading your defense and staying up to date on cybersecurity best practices. Protect yourself today by using these helpful cybersecurity tips!

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