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4 Ways to Show Your Elders You Love Them

Our elders emanate warmth in many ways, whether they are grandmothers feeding us her scrumptious cakes or grandfathers sharing their wisdom. We feel their love and know that they have our backs. While we share a mutual bond of love with them, it can often be challenging to express that affection. 

No matter how harsh the truth is, you must keep in mind that they aren’t going to stay by your side forever. So instead of holding back your feelings, let them know that you value them dearly. Expressing the love you have for your elders will never go wrong. 

If you are shy about expressing love verbally, don’t worry. Love is a universal language that doesn’t require just words to convey. Below we have outlined several ways in which you can express your feelings for your loved ones. 

1. Pay Regular Visits

Unfortunately, elders often feel lonely and isolated at a certain age. There are many reasons why people feel lonely, such as chronic illness, the death of a loved one, or living far away from family. In light of this, you must visit them often.

Most elders live in nursing homes due to their medical needs. Whether it’s our parents or grandparents, visiting them in their nursing home facility will show they are not forgotten. 

Additionally, regular visits will allow you to monitor their circumstances and save them from harm. Some facilities exploit seniors who are alone, causing them severe physical and emotional harm. Most abuse is not visible and disguises itself in the form of depression. Regular monitoring will allow you to detect any such condition and take immediate action if necessary. If you’re not sure where to turn when taking action, visit for free legal advice and assistance for nursing home victims.

You can also give surprise visits to your elders at their homes. Select the days in your week that is convenient for you to see. It will be a reason for them to get dressed up, feel good, and give them something to do during their day. You can spend time with them in various ways, such as going for a walk, enjoying a meal together or watching television with them. These little efforts help build a strong bond with those we love most.

2. Keep them involved

As we get consumed with our life and responsibilities, sometimes our elders slip out of our minds. Not Including our elders in our lives and events can make them feel unwanted. To make your elders feel comfortable and admired, ensure they are included in everything and given precedence.

Invite them to birthday parties, religious affairs, weddings, and picnics. Involving them in family affairs gives them a chance to socialize and participate. It will also promote their emotional and mental well-being.

You can involve them more in your life by seeking their advice. Due to their long lives and experiences, they have a great deal of wisdom. Their guidance and concern for your well-being will keep you out of trouble, and you may learn a few success tips. 

You can also visit with children and teach them the value of relationships. They may enjoy asking their grandparents about relationships or troubles at school. Asking elders for advice will make them feel trusted and show how much you appreciate them.

3. Communication is the key

Talking to your elders is an excellent way of showing your fondness for them. Our elders have so much to talk about due to the many experiences that they have had. Regularly talking to them will help you get to know them more as individuals rather than just as your family member. You will get to know all their adventures and all the fun things they have done in their youth. This bonding will also allow you to learn valuable life lessons from them.

Similarly, you can learn much about your family’s heritage, background, history, and generation. Blood relations are unconditional and robust, and sharing such vital family details can further boost your relationship.

Likewise, you can talk about things you have a mutual interest in, such as politics, books, history, or cooking. Talking to them will enlighten you to new information and add to your existing knowledge. Additionally, having fun conversations will show how much you value their input and look up to them.

4. Shower them with love and care

Aside from talking with your elders and visiting them, spoiling them with surprises is also vital in showing your love. Our elders deserve to feel loved and wanted; the best way to do that is by giving them. So always send them presents on special occasions such as their birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Sending food is another excellent way to show your love. When you prepare a meal for your loved ones, you show them how much effort and time you put into it. Send them a fruit basket or home-cooked meals every weekend as a token of love.

Similarly, you can express love for them by calling them regularly and letting them know about your day. Remember you are never too old for your elders and can still do the adorable things you did for them when you were a child. For example, you can send them a handwritten card or love notes via email. Sending flowers is also an excellent way to say, “I love you.”

Our elders are in this phase of life where doing daily tasks might be challenging. Thus, you can make the day easy for them by helping them with house chores and running errands. Lastly, you can pick them up and take them for an outing.


Our elders are very close to our hearts. They are the core strength of our family and have taken care of us, especially in our time of need. We hold a special bond with them. 

We sometimes struggle to find words and actions that express how we feel about them. Showing your loved ones your desire and care for them is vital for your relationship. 

To reveal your most genuine feelings to your elders, you must incorporate ways to assist you. Visit them as often as possible, spend quality time with them, and discuss your favorite things to show them you care. 

Another great way is by making sure you involve them in your life as it makes your elders feel respected. Spoil them as much as possible, send them presents, cook, be their helping hand and treat them to a nice meal. These tips will ensure that your elders know how much you value them. 

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