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Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol - alcoholizm disease

4 Telltale Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Booze

4 Telltale Signs You're Drinking Too Much Booze

Are you feeling you’re having one too many, far too often than you’d like?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 85 percent of American Adults have drunk alcohol at least once in their lifetime. While catching an occasional drink isn’t harmful, drinking too much alcohol can lead to addiction, ruin your health, and even break your family.

But, if you’re anything like most people who like their drink, you might be wondering just how much alcohol is too much. Instead of second-guessing and probably ending up in alcoholism, keep reading for telltale signs you need to slam on your drinking brakes.

1. You’re Drinking Beyond the Recommended Amounts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides dietary guidelines for alcohol. Men should drink no more than 2 drinks a day, and women shouldn’t do more than 1 drink.

If you’re taking more than 5 drinks (for men) and 4 drinks (for women) on one occasion, you’re engaging in binge drinking. If you’re doing more than 15 drinks a week (for men) and more than 8 drinks a week (for women), you’re drinking excessively.

Going by these recommendations, it should be easy to establish whether you’re drinking too much alcohol.

Let’s face it, though. The CDC doesn’t serve any drinks in your favorite bar or restaurant, so no one really gives a hoot about what it recommends. Just a can of beer, a day…seriously?

2. You’re Always Nursing Hangovers

After a night of drinking, a hangover awaits in the morning. Although hangover symptoms vary depending on the type and amount of alcohol consumed, one thing is clear: if you’re nursing a hangover, you probably had too much alcohol.

An occasional hangover might be excused, but if hangovers have become part of your morning routine, you’re likely suffering from alcohol use disorder. It’s time to cut back on your alcohol consumption. See this homepage here to learn how you can do that.

3. Drinking Is Getting in the Way of Daily Activities

Are you getting to work late because you couldn’t wake up early after a night of drinking? Perhaps you’re skipping important events and using the time to drink alcohol.

Failing to keep up with your daily schedule shows you’re drinking excessive alcohol. Whether you suffer hangovers or not, alcohol makes you weak and fatigued. This explains why you’re struggling to meet your daily obligations.

4. You Need More Drinks to Get Drunk

When you were new to alcohol, you certainly needed just a few drinks to feel tipsy. But as alcohol becomes a regular diet, your body develops some tolerance. Before you know it, you need multiple drinks to feel like the alcohol has been registered in your system.

Unfortunately, this only exposes your body to more alcohol. That’s how people become excessive drinkers.

Drinking Too Much Is a Recipe for Disaster

The dangers of drinking too much alcohol are well-documented. Knowing how much alcohol you’re consuming and adjusting accordingly is key to avoiding conditions such as alcohol use disorder and alcohol addiction. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to go easy on the booze.

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