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3 Tips for Getting Drug Addiction Help

3 Tips for Getting Drug Addiction Help

Getting sober is scary.

For many who have relied on addictive substances to get by, embracing a sober life can seem both inspiring and intimidating.

If you’ve made the decision to get sober and find drug addiction help, you’re taking a big, important step. And even if it’s scary, it’s a step your future self will thank you for.

Read on for three tips to use when finding help for drug addiction.

1. Remember You’re More Than Your Addiction

Getting sober means letting go of some habits you’ve used in the past. But with that comes shame for some people.

Remind yourself that you’re more than your addiction. Your identity isn’t defined by your behaviors, mistakes, or coping strategies.

Shame around substance abuse is unproductive and won’t help you stay sober. In fact, some people spiral back into their addictive behaviors once they start to feel bad about their past.

But remembering that there’s more to you than your addiction can help you banish shame and stay on track with your recovery.

And if you do slip up and relapse, know that you’re not alone. 85% of people relapse within the first year of their sobriety. One misstep doesn’t define you or your drug addiction treatment.

2. Admit That There’s a Problem

If you’re interested in getting help for a drug addiction, you must admit that there’s a problem and things must change.

Try brainstorming how your life could be different if you were sober. Consider what addiction has cost you, including any physical, emotional, professional, and social sacrifices you’ve made by using drugs or alcohol.

Then, list what you might gain by being sober. If you’re not sure, think of a sober person in your life who you look up to. Realize that the qualities they have that you admire can be yours too.

3. Get Support

You don’t have to get clean alone. Getting help alongside others in a group or rehab facility can help you understand yourself better.

With peer support, you won’t feel alone, knowing you’re not the only one who has taken a wrong turn into addiction. And from their stories, you’ll realize you’re also not alone in your recovery.

Similarly, a therapist or rehab program can offer the professional support needed for you to get (and stay) clean. A therapist or rehab director can teach you better coping strategies during stressful or triggering times.

Turn to a therapist or rehab program in your area to get the support you deserve. If you’re looking for help for parents of drug addicts, read about rehab for teens. Teen rehab facilities are age appropriate, offering a safe space for young adults to overcome their addiction.

Take the First Steps Towards Drug Addiction Help

If you dream of a sober future, start taking action today to get drug addiction help. Releasing shame, admitting there’s a problem, and seeking helpful support will help you overcome your addiction and start building a happier, healthier life.

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