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The best way to Transform Your Personality According to Divine Guidance

The lord’s gift to the world since I have been guided from the beginning to the end is the fact that I could simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation and continue his research. I’m any prophet, and not only a science tecnistions. My work is more elaborate and complete than the work made by cold scientists.

My behavior training helped me find everything I’m teaching you about the importance of dreams, including your mental health, your real health, and your daily life. Almost nothing from what I could find resulted from my speculations. I didn’t decide which route I should follow.

I was after the clues given to me by the unconscious mind in wishes and signs of my certainty. Many essential facts concluded and confirmed the importance of my dreams in my daily life and many other people’s lives since I translated several goals for many people over two ages.

Their life biographies and dreams taught me what it is all about life and passing away, along with the information I had immediately after analyzing the psychological style and the life biography of those who had died near my family. I had to learn the meaning connected with life and the meaning associated with death to fight intellectual illnesses. I also had to discover how to end terror and violence before I could declare to the world that I could cure academic diseases based on the unconscious direction.

My discoveries prove The lord’s existence exactly because an ignorant person like my family would never be able to discover whatever without superior guidance. The things I could find were not one thing straightforward that a regular scientist could uncover. Often the complexity of my exploration was too vast.

Regardless of whether I was a genius by birth, I would never have the capacity to understand the complex functioning of the human brain or how to end invincible mental illnesses not having superior guidance, which wasn’t based on human supposition. The ‘human knowledge’ ın regard to the functioning of our brain for a unit is based on mere speculation.

Human doctors analyze differences in the human brain from the outdoors without understanding the abstract performance of our brain (besides it is cellular functioning) and with no understanding of the intentions of the different chemical alterations that take place in our brain.

The fact that I possibly could discover how to eliminate the anti-conscience, which usually generates all mental health problems within our conscience, proves that after a human being obeys The lord’s guidance in dreams, your husband becomes a genius. I do not think you believe I was a guru from birth since I was neurotic when I started my subsequent dream therapy after producing severe mistakes in my life.

Any mentally ill person would not be able to eliminate her emotional illness and discover how to treat all mental diseases only. My miraculous cure, as well as the process of mind empowerment I followed thanks to dream remedy, proves to the world that will even a mentally ill particular person can fight an intellectual illness and become a wizard through dream therapy.

Now I am clearly showing you the benefits of your obedience to the work guidance in dreams because of my example. You can work as a superior person in your arena. Through dream translation, you could follow the glorious destiny geared up for you. God is anticipating your decision.

You must decide to observe the messages God sends you with dreams. You also have to pay attention to the guidance you have so that you may see the positive results of your psychotherapy in your own life.

If you are obedient like us, you will reward God for curing your psychological problems. Your example will be a relief intended for God and humanity.

I no longer feel discouraged because I had to function very hard for nineteen decades before publishing my textbooks and faced another struggle online when I finally could publish the results of this comprehensive research. My voyage was arduous because I used to be too absurd. I was almost already schizophrenic like my dad. I had to follow a very long practice of transformation.

For example, some sort of monster like me passed many humiliations before finding out to be humble. I was proud of myself, impatient, as well as demanding. I had the behavior of a dictator. Your journey will not be as complex as the trip if your psychological health is better.

I will forever be thankful because my anger was eliminated thanks to dream treatment. Only God understands how He managed to cause me to feel calm down and teach me personally how to be a humble as well as patient human being.

It was tough for me to have the behavior of the saint. I didn’t think I could ever attain this particular goal.

Today everybody has fun when I tell them I used to become evil when I was younger. They cannot believe that a beast like me once was terrible and decided to be good. They presume that if you are evil, you might be wise, and you’ll never need to be good because you know that if it is evil you have many advantages within. So, they believe that I often was an angel, and this is why I’m an angel until eventually today, but I do not think you doubt that I must have been a barbarous monster when I ended up being young. My story is incredibly common. There are many people in your world who are actual dictators like me. I was not only a rare example.

Other people believe I’m silly because I am just an attractive woman and may be in a top position. They think I don’t pay attention to the electrical power I could have because My spouse and I don’t see the possibilities I possess. They don’t be aware that I understood that I must have been a terrible demon and that this appearance was, in fact, a hazardous aspect of my life. Amply know that I’m an unwilling recipient of many men who considered they had the right to possess me personally instead of letting me become a leading man because they couldn’t accept the decision.

Thanks to my behavior, instead of being another psychologically ill creature in our insane world, I became a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I also became a spiritual guide since I proved The lord’s existence to the world and the importance of our religion. Almost all religions are right simply because each one teaches us part of our complex spiritual facts.

You must follow my instance and become a particular person, not just because this will be better for you, but because you must obtain this goal. We rely on your work. Your example is decisive.

You will help Our god rule our world. God will undoubtedly end craziness and fear because your brilliant example will prove that people who obey the divine instruction in dreams always grow to be superior human beings.

There is no significance on Earth. Everyone is a liarse. Everyone is selfish. Everyone is incredible.

You have to be different. You have to be truthful. You have to save the world using your wisdom.

God wants to enhance you into a self-confident man or woman, a pleased person. You should prefer to follow the evolutionary way that will lead you to perfection. This is why you will achieve brilliant ambitions.

If you waste your time and efforts with the miserable evilness within your wild nature, you won’t be capable of reaping all the benefits you may have if you transform your wild nature into tranquil nature.

You must prefer to work well. You must seriously decide to go through the process of transforming the psyche like a hero.

You must defend human nature and prove to God that you can be found. You are the human spot se trouvent sur internet into the brain of a devil. You must show Our god that you are alive and acknowledge following His guidance and gratitude. You must follow your transformation process with pleasure, even if you’ll often suffer because you want to be perfect. You don’t need to want to be a beast.

In fact, by following the divine assistance in dreams and indications of your reality, you will usually act as if you were an ideal creature, even before completely changing your personality. God will reveal how always to do what will be favorable for you.

You will help God transform the monster you came from right into a humble, sensitive, sincere, generous human being. You will support God transform our world into a place of evolution. You will present joy to your creator. You may show everyone that you recognize and assume your moral obligation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s study into the human psyche, getting hold of the cure for all mental health issues and simplifying the research method of dream interpretation, which teaches you how to exactly read the meaning of your dreams, to find health, wisdom, along with happiness. Learn more

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