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3 Reasons To Use Car Collision Film for Protection

3 Reasons To Use Car Collision Film for Protection

The US automotive wrapping market value reached 4.76 billion dollars in 2021. This shows that more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using a collision film on their cars.

Collision film is a protective plastic layer that is installed over the paint on your car. It is a cheap option to protect your car’s paint job, increasing the value of your car in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having a collision wrap film on your car.

1. Protect from Scratches and Small Damages

It would surprise you how much damage your car gets exposed to every day. There are some things like dirt and bugs that are pretty easy to get off your car. But there are other daily damages you might not even notice, and these add up over time.

When you’re driving, the wheels on your car and the cars around you send small stones, pieces of gravel, and even small pieces of debris flying up at your car. When these small high-speed items hit your car, they damage it.

And when your car is parked, anyone walking past it might scratch it with their bags or items they are carrying.

Even most weather conditions can damage your paint job. Car paint is designed to withstand bad weather, but long-term exposure to too much sun, rain, or snow can add up. Even without harsh temperatures, if it’s windy small items get thrown against your car, causing small scratches.

A surface protection film will protect your car’s paint from exposure to these day-to-day damages. This means you’ll need to spend less money on the upkeep of your paint job.

2. Protection in Low-Speed Accidents

While this film isn’t going to protect you in a high-speed car collision, it can help you out in low-speed accidents. When another car drives into yours, there are usually scratches, paint transfers, and dents.

A collision film gives the paint on your car protection from these, making repairs cheaper. Even if you spend money on fixing any dents, you don’t need to worry about the paint.

3. Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value

The better the condition of your car, the higher you’ll get for it when you eventually sell it. Using a protection film on your car ensures it stays in better condition for a longer time, increasing its resale value.

And if you’re worried about how removing the film might damage your car, don’t be! ArmorDillo is a glueless protection film. This means if you remove the film, the paint won’t get chipped, and there won’t be any residue left on the car.

Get Collision Film for Your Car Today

These are just a few of the benefits when you use a collision film on your car. Protect your car and save your money by installing a car surface protection today!

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